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Wolfowitz wants his dignity intact (whatever that is) before he’ll leave World Bank

Interesting story here – the US government has finally figured out no one wants him at the helm anymore, but Wolf isn’t going to leave without kicking and screaming that it wasn’t all his fault:

The Bush administration, navigating the currents of international diplomacy, remained sympathetic to Wolfowitz’s plight but has appeared less willing by the day to spend political capital on him. Officials were eager to wrap up the unpleasantries and move on. But Wolfowitz, who has clung tenaciously to his post through weeks of controversy, even as World Bank staff members took to the streets to demand his ouster, stuck to his position that he tried to do the right thing in handling his girlfriend’s career situation. “Mr. Wolfowitz will not leave under a cloud,” his attorney, Robert S. Bennett, said yesterday for perhaps the 10th time.

So, the Bushies tried to propose a compromise:

The board could issue a statement that Wolfowitz had erred in handling the raise for his longtime companion, Shaha Riza, but apportion some of the blame to a bank committee that Wolfowitz believes gave him murky ethics advice. Wolfowitz would then resign, said senior bank and administration officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the talks.

In otherwards, Wolfie and his lawyer and the Bush Administration want the World Bank Board to agree to a statement more or less saying “I’ll quit if and only if you publicly swear I didn’t do anything wrong.” Unfortunately for Bush, his international political reputation is so low nowadays, the Board rejected that.

What’s amusing about this article to me is this part:

Nearly all board members have endorsed the findings of the committee’s report, officials said, with even Canada, traditionally a reliable U.S. ally, breaking with the administration.

More reliable nowadays with the same ideological crew in Ottawa who literally worship their American Idol in Bush.. but even for them, Wolf’s behaviour was too much to stomach.

So.. I predict you’ll probably see the WB board having to formally vote to get Bush’s neo-con friend out of his position at the WB before he leaves. It was said by someone at Daily Kos that they figure he’s trying to hang on til June 1, when he reportedly gets a 400 000 bonus. I don’t know if that’s accurate or not, but regardless, the G8 Summit is on June 6th, and the World Bank President is normally at that, so I’m sure the Directors want him gone before that event happens.


3 comments to Wolfowitz wants his dignity intact (whatever that is) before he’ll leave World Bank

  • Wolfowitz has resigned effective June 30, 2007. :em55:

  • garhane

    The Americans have always believe institutions like the World Bank belong to them, and I think there are even rules of the Bank requiring that a chief officer be an American. Then there is the function of the bank, whether to be in business not to do standard business but to assist developing countries or whether to operate like a bank, a profit center. Here we see the American officer Wolfowitz bragging that under his leadership much was done for the poor. I have seen articles that strongly dispute that claim. He conceived of it as a profit center.

    From my own point of view it is just plain great to see that the wages of Straussian political policies is death, so to speak. And here we have a leading Straussian, who even figured as a model for the type in a novel by the effete and very nearly psychopathic leader of the cult, Allan Bloom. Wolfowitz served as a model figure for Straussians more than any other, and his literal fall amid the sounds of blaming others, telling lies, showing neither class,nor style, and finally winding up in a squalid mess over preference to a mere girl friend….. it really is a parable. And for icing on the cake we see in one weekend that George Bush is one lousy pal, he can’t even provide loyalty to those who have stretched for him…most recently the British PM and now this unpleasant little toad Wolfowitz. Maybe that is why the whole administration is falling apart, this lot will not even run a risk to support each other unless it is the only alternative to prison (travails of the US att. gen.).
    And who do we have in Canada serving as an outpost of the Straussian model, why yes it is our PM of the moment. And to think this silly and confused wooden figure ever thought he could be better that Chretien.

  • “Mr. Wolfowitz will not leave under a cloud,”

    He can ride the f-ing cloud out as far as I’m concerned. And please don’t put “dignity” and “Wolfowitz” in the same headline again. My head damn near exploded. I did manage to contain myself to the tune of “One of these things is not like the other”.

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