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Tories refuse funding for autistic kids camp.

Another example of “Compassionate Conservatism” in action by the Tories. Apparently, funding a camp for autistic kids is a waste of money:

For more than a decade, the “Yes I Can!” nursery school in Toronto has taken in autistic and low-income kids for its award-winning summer programs, thanks to federal grants that made it possible to hire student counsellors. But not this year. In a surprise move, the federal Conservative government has rejected the centre’s request for $38,000, putting its program in peril.


38 000 dollars? That’s a drop in the bucket. The Tories are claiming the camp scored ‘poorly’ with the new guidelines they brought in to assess projects. Yet, the record of this camp would prove otherwise:

Awards won by the nursery school include the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education, and the Maria De Witt award for an outstanding community program. As well, some of the students who worked at the centre – more than 200 – have gone on to become doctors and speech pathologists, MacDougall said.

It also happens to be “coincidentally” in a riding held by the opposition – in this case the Liberals. Nahhhh… that wouldn’t have ANYTHING to do with it, now would it (hello Bev Oda?).

This government wants to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on icebreakers for the arctic, yet it can’t be bothered to give an autistic kids camp 38 thousand bucks to help hire 30 university students, who would be trained in how to work with autistic children. Great priorities, Tories.


2 comments to Tories refuse funding for autistic kids camp.

  • [quote comment=”4180″]Matter of provincial jurisdiction.
    Now lets examine Mcguinty’s record with these kids[/quote]

    Phhft.. nice try. If you’d bothered to read the link, Paul, you’d see the Tories still have funding in place for programs like this – they just decided under their new rules that an autistic camp didn’t warrant their funds.

    Don’t let that inconvenient fact disturb your ideological blinkers however.

  • paul

    Matter of provincial jurisdiction.
    Now lets examine Mcguinty’s record with these kids

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