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Opposition parties show they won’t be bullied over Official Languages Committee

So as you know, Jay Hill and Steve Harper decided to play hardball with the Official Languages Committee. They told the opposition parties either to reinstate the former chairperson, Guy Lauzon, or they won’t sit.

The opposition parties just pulled a collective “screw you” to Hill and Harper:

…the three opposition parties decided to set up a consultative committee on Official Languages, which will be chaired by the current vice- chair of the Standing Committee, Pablo Rodriguez. The mandate of this committee is to take up where the Standing Committee left off, namely studying the impact of the decision to abolish the Court Challenges Program, and then considering the Commissioner’s report, as per article 88 of the Official Languages Act. This consultative committee will begin its hearings tomorrow (before Parliament goes on break) and will prepare the work of the Standing Committee

I’m very glad to see the opposition parties able to work together and not get bullied by Harper and Hill. Sometimes, the best way to face down a bully is to punch him back… and I can’t see how Harper will wait very long before realizing it’s not doing him much good publicity wise to not let the formal Committee get back to business.


2 comments to Opposition parties show they won’t be bullied over Official Languages Committee

  • Undecided voter

    Its amazing how the Lieberals official bilingual policy still causes problems but then again it does discriminate against uni-lingual anglophones in the federal civil service, RCMP, Military etc.
    Here are some testimonials for those who dont believe it does, mainly Lieberals and their NDP cousins.
    I guess the Quebec nation had the right idea about one language only under their anti-english bill 101

  • Angelle Desrochers

    That is great news. It seems, judging from the comments and rhetoric that is coming from some of the conservatives and their supportor that the Official Language Act only applies to the French speaking Canadian. It is very important in all part of the country that we can get served in either officical languages.
    The Anglophone in Quebec must also have thier right to be served in their language, as much as I have that right in Vancouver. As French Canadian who speaks both lanquage, I have a choice. I am wondering now, how this new committee will function, and how they will be able to pay for the cost assoicated with their meetings?

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