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Internal party machinations?

Well, I was surprised to see the Guelph nomination battle mentioned this AM in the National Post about how Gerard Kennedy’s camp is supposedly dealing in dirty tricks. I can’t speak to that, and I note again how the press is again using “senior/anonymous Liberals” for their sources. I will say though that from helping out Marva and her campaign, she always hinted she was up against it when she was running, but to her credit, she never complained or accused anyone of anything (though it was pretty much an open secret that Brenda Chamberlain was supporting Frank Valeriote, which is noted in the NP piece today). Marva again showed her class by refusing to snipe at anyone in the piece,which is why I like her and why I believe she will be a candidate and an MP soon somewhere.

Anyhow, this may be just a case of the press not having anything better to talk about now that it looks as if a spring election is off. Dion’s so-called bad performance can’t be sniped at as much – as noted by several pundits he appears to be growing in the role – so it looks as if they’re looking around for internal Liberal dissent. I’m sure there are a few who aren’t happy with certain things going on, but that hardly justifies the title of the piece being “Liberal camp set to blow shortly”. It looks like someone at the NP was trying as sensational a headline as possible in order to make someone actually consider buying the NP, when fewer have of late.


7 comments to Internal party machinations?

  • garhane

    The “press not having anything better…” is a reasonable and constant item on the check list. When I worked for a coastal newspaper in BC, 40 years ago, a reporter would be sent out to create a story where zero of import was happening. You might be sent to a Traffic Safety Council lunch and come back with some scribbles about a cross walk,and an inventive desk man would get you to call the City Engineer, who would doubless disagree with something that had been said. A few more calls and you have a big controversy that does not really exist. Write about irrigation problems where that is important, and smoky air in August (they used to do fire clearing in the woods then) or farm fish on the North Island, and so on. Of course, today when their is little to write about the paper moguls have a new innovation: fire the reporters.

  • These sorts of stories are really much ado about nothing. Like the article said, there are no dirty tricks in play at all – it’s likely just a case of a couple former Kennedy supporters working for one candidate, which is only natural. For example, the Kennedy co-chair for Alberta is running for the provincial Liberals in Edmonton and a lot of members of the old Kennedy AB team are helping him out because we’re all friends and know him well. I imagine it’s the same thing in other places – people might be more prone to help someone from their leadership camp because they know them but there’s no real orchestrated push or anything going on. It’s especially ridiculous to suggest Kennedy would want to force Dion out since he supported him at the leadership and every year Dion is in charge, Rae and Iggy age another year and Gerard gets more experience and practice on his French.

  • Liberal

    Intresting thing in the article is about SSW. the two people who have ben green lit, M.Simson and V.Sappani supported Ignatieff and among the other potential candidates who have a chance to win also supported Ignatieff. So there is no reason for Kennedy to push against an appointment there. Moreover there is no potential ethnic female candidate for that riding. Whether you appoint Michelle or have a open nomination the winner will most likely be someone who supported Ignatieff , so something in the article doesn’t make sense.

    this looks like a conservative con job trying to pit the Liberals against each other.

  • I think the Conservative press just loves this, although most this happened a long time ago. The Conservative press is tired of blaming Harper, now have something to make Harper look good… hah!
    I also think Kennedy is above all of this. It does not sound like him.

  • Youngqclib

    The press love this divisive bullshit.
    In any competition someone wins (Dion) and others lose (Kennedy, Rae, Iggy etc).
    There will always be supported who are disappoonted in the outcome but come on side in time.
    Iggy and Gerard have been fantastic. What their supporters do will come back to haunt them if they persist.

  • It looks like someone at the NP was trying as sensational a headline as possible in order to make someone actually consider buying the NP, when fewer have of late.

    May also have much to do with Harper’s week from hell, and trying to draw attention away from other stories, like Harper’s lying to Parliament yesterday…

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