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Another day, another lie for the Tories.

This is getting to be like smoking – a very bad habit that’s addictive and hard to quit.

As you might recall, the Official Languages Commissioner roasted the government for cutting the Court Challenges Programme as being in violation of the Official Languages Act, and thus the law.

Harper had the gall to stand up in the House and blame the prior Liberal government -and Stephane Dion – for this.

Fortunately, we have good journalists like Paul Wells (who is going to the Paris Bureau for a year and a half in another week or 2, and who I will miss for his insight) who are around to document when Harper lies. I mean, it was so blatant, even Wells called Harper out for telling a lie. Journalists/pundits are usually not in the habit of calling politicians liars, but this one was so obvious Wells called Harper out on it

Really, it almost appears as if the Tories don’t care whether they mislead or lie to the House anymore


2 comments to Another day, another lie for the Tories.

  • knb

    Anymore? Scott, this has always been their method. In the House, outside the House, it’s their strategy. Sick isn’t it?

    Man…Wells leaving is I’m sure a good gig for him, not so much for us.

    Undecided-not. Can I ask when that was?

  • Undecided voter

    I tip my hat to the tories, being a former federal civil servant who lost his job to a Quebecer whose english was worse than my french.

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