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No wonder they didn’t want to publish those poll studies.

Remember those poll study results done for the Tories to study reaction amongst the immigrant population in Canada to their policies that they got into trouble for last week because they had failed to make them public as law required? Well, they did manage to publish them today , and the studies reveal that uh, the immigrant population doesn’t really think much of them:

A series of focus groups with Indian, Pakistani, Chinese and Spanish-speaking communities instead found opposition to the “unnecessary” fight in Afghanistan, and anger at the cozy relationship with the U.S. government. The research, worth a combined $170,000, also suggested the Tory agenda was out of step with the key priorities of Canada’s immigrants, who make up 18 per cent of the total population.

What would the priorities of the immigrant population be? Take a look and tell me where you see anything high on the list of current Conservative priorities:

“New immigrants essentially need access to housing, work, health care, and language training. They need cultural assimilation at a basic level – language, and essentially social knowledge to help them operate in a foreign society.”

As I said, its not a shock why the Conservatives didn’t want to publish these. It also validates my sarcasm a couple months ago that Jason Kenney must be doing a real-bang-up job with the multiculturalism department if he could take time off to help make those Conservative attack ads against Dion. Apparently, he hasn’t done that great of a job selling the Tory Kool-Aid if you look at these polls.


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