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On Afghanistan and trying to invoke patriotism for political gain

I read today that it’s confirmed that one of the top Taliban commanders has been killed by a US-led Nato operation. Good on them – this was a very cruel guy if the reports about what he used for tactics are accurate.

What I will be interested to see however, is if Harper and the Conservatives try to trumpet this in Question Period as a way of justifying Canada’s continued involvement in Afghanistan, and an example of the “good work that is being distracted from” by the Opposition parties who would dare question the government’s competency and so on there over a “trivial matter” like ensuring Canada remains compliant with the Geneva Convention.

Remember, Bush and the Republicans would try to do this with every publicized death of an insurgent or terrorist in Iraq as a way of promoting that mission and using it as a political weapon to hammer the Democrats with – and so far Harper and the Tories have used or attempted to use the Bush playbook in the same manner. It has backfired to a certain degree if polling with Canadians over the Afghanistan issue is accurate, but that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to use the tactic.

Who knows – perhaps Harper and the Conservatives won’t use it, but if I were a betting man…


3 comments to On Afghanistan and trying to invoke patriotism for political gain

  • “Mr. Speaker, the Leader of the Opposition is talking about the improper treatment of Taliban prisoners, while everyone knows that the Leader of Opposition would like to see the Taliban here in Canada. Well, Mr. Speaker, while the Liberals do not want to support our troops, let me congratulate them on the successful killing of a top-ranked Taliban leader. Good Canadians support our troops, and bad Canadians, like the Liberals, have the nerve to ask questions about our heroic generals. Well, Mr. Speaker, our troops are getting the job done, unlike the previous Liberal government that had 13 years to get rid of the Taliban, and they didn’t do it.”

    – what Stephen Harper will say today in Question Period after Mr. Dion’s first question.

    You shouldn’t wonder, Scott, if Harper will politicize this. The real question is when.

  • colino

    That’s right, you wouldn’t want the government to point out successes to counter opposition allegations that we(Canada) are not being successful. That would be ridiculous.

  • Whooee! The Merkans got a bogeyman complex. They don’t understand what they’re up against. They got this notion that if they chop the head off, a new head ain’t waitin’ to pop up. Remember all teh relief and elation when Paul Bremer went on the TV a sed “We got him.” He was talkin’ about Saddam and they was all sayin’ how capturin’ Saddam was gonna be a turnin’ point. It wasn’t. Same thing with Zarqawi.

    I reckon killin’ this sumbitch’ll just make him a bigass martyr and that’ll get more recruits.

    I’m waitin’ fer Harper to respond to the expressed wishes of the Afghan parliament that we change from a seek and destroy mission and refocus on rebuilding. The Afghan parliament wants direct negotiations with the Taliban, too. I’d like to hear what harpoon sez on that idea.


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