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Baird does another Enviro-Lite announcement.

Well.. it looks like the Tories and John Baird are back to announcing more environmental initiatives in order to turn around the public’s deep skepticism of their environmental commitment. Here’s the latest Enviro-Lite announcement:

Brendan Haley, of the Ecology Action Centre in Halifax, was on hand as federal Environment Minister John Baird announced $42.5-million in funding to the province as part of Ottawa’s $1.5-billion trust for clean air and climate change.

Brendan wasn’t too impressed, and he noted another Conservative trend of reviving Liberal environmental programs and funding in a belated effort to show they care about the environment:

Mr. Haley said the money was initially promised by the former Liberals, was cancelled by Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and is a year late in coming…Nova Scotia is effectively a year behind in getting together on reducing greenhouses gases,” he said.

Just to rub salt in the wounds, Brendan said this as well:

“I think it’s very important that we see beyond some of the smoke and mirrors of the federal climate change policy,”…”It’s a campaign of deception to make it look like we’re doing something to eliminate greenhouse gases when really we’re not,” he said.

We’ll have to wait and see if this is the start of another frantic round of public Enviro-Lite announcements by the Tories after recent polling has shown Canadians believe they are fear-mongering over Kyoto and not serious about the environment or commitment to cut down on GHG’s.


1 comment to Baird does another Enviro-Lite announcement.

  • knb

    I don’t think they can crawl out of this anymore. I can’t imagine anyone not calling them on the nonsense.

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