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Saturday Bits and Bites

I’m not really in the mood for a full blown blogpost, but here are a couple of links that caught my eye today.

– A perfect way for the Tories to end their Democratic Reform/Accountability week was reading this report from the Official Languages Commissioner that they broke the law when they scrapped the Court Challenges Program. It will be interesting to see what they do when the report is officially released next week.

– An interesting column here in the Toronto Star which says despite the Tories saying otherwise, Kyoto 2012 targets ARE obtainable by Canada if they follow 3 steps. You won’t be surprised to know the Tories aren’t doing any of the three steps.


3 comments to Saturday Bits and Bites

  • Louise, there’s a difference to merely objecting to the cancellation of the program and declaring the government broke the law when it did so. I know you conservative supporters would believe Harper if he told you night was day, but surely even you can see that slight difference. :em51:

  • Louise

    Hi Scott,

    Re the Commissioner’s objection to canning the Court Challenges Program, what do you expect? Eliminating this program reduces the number of cases the Commission gets involved with and that means fewer public servants needed. Reversed empire building?

  • wilson61

    Why send billions out of the country instead of investing those billions in Canadian companies for enviro research and development?

    Canada could then give/sell the technology to (developing) countries, where the emisions are massively more destructive to the planet than Canada’s measley 2% contribution.

    In the long run, Canada’s techno contribution to the planet in ghg reduction, would far far exceed the bandaid treatment of buying credits, just to shut up the critics.

    And so what it will take 13 years longer to reach Kyoto targets!

    What exactly are the global consequences of Canada taking 13 years longer to reach a self-inflicted target?

    Give me a figure…in degrees of temperature.
    2 degrees X 2% = 4/100th of a degree increase X 50% reduction = 2/100 by 2025 instead of 2012…..

    Libs should heed Iggy’s warning about enviro nuts taking over the party.

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