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Green Plan drives Canadians into Grits arms, according to Ipsos-Reid and NP.

You know the Tories have had a bad week when even Ipsos-Reid finds the Conservatives trailing in a new poll they’ve released. What’s particularly telling however, is the other part of the poll that asks the believability of John Baird’s Green Plan. Canadians aren’t buying into his sales pitch:

The poll found that 61% of Canadians believe the Conservative government’s proposal “does not go far enough or move with enough urgency to make a meaningful contribution to the global effort to fight climate change.” When asked if they personally believed the plan was a good one, only 40% of respondents answered yes, while 52% said it was “a bad plan.”

Oh, and about those poll numbers…we’ll call it a “virtual tie” again, but the Liberals have a slight advantage:

If an election were held now, the Liberals would have a slight advantage, nationally, at 32%, followed by the Conservatives at 31%, the NDP at 17%, and the Green party at 9%.

The conclusion of Ipsos-Reid? Canadians think John Baird is a blowhard:

John Wright, senior vice-president at Ipsos Reid, says the latest poll numbers suggest Canadians do not believe that the environmental agenda of the Conservatives is genuine. “The public would find little credibility in believing that this particular plan that he’s put forward is the toughest in the world,” Wright said in an interview. “They see it as environment-lite.”

Ha ha.. I love that; Environment Lite. I think we should start calling Baird’s plan that all the time, as it’s very catchy. We can shorten it down to “Enviro-Lite” for that matter.

I am very glad to see Canadians aren’t buying the environmental snake-oil that Blowhard Baird and the Conservatives are trying to sell.


5 comments to Green Plan drives Canadians into Grits arms, according to Ipsos-Reid and NP.

  • garhaneg

    How come no one seems to care that the Cons have given the planet killers of Alberta, to oil sands crowd, a pass to increase their emissions up to 2020. Yes, that is increase as in INCREASE. And this for one gas that is 21:1 of CO2 and another that is 310:1 in the way they calculate CO2 equivalents. If the goverment will not even require these bastards to reduce their emissions absolutely by that far in the future, they not only have no real plan, they are clearly the most gutless bunch of nutless wonders to come down the road in decades.
    And where is the bloody opposition? This plan is known to every MP since May 7, was debated in question period May 8 in the House of Commons, there are pieces in the Bob and Bail as well as the non-national becoming Toast, and there has been comment by NGOs that know like the Alberta Toxics Society ,and Sierra Club. We do not not even seem to have an opposition worth snot.

  • Well.. I figure if I get accused of Liberal bias from that.. I can just say to them “hey, its not MY title.. it’s the National Post, go complain to them”

  • It is quite a curious title, isn’t it, given the source.

  • Steve:

    I’m just repeating what the National Post – that fine stalwart of liberalism – has in its title :em43:

  • Scott, just on caution on the headline. I don’t know where the “driving into Grit arms” part comes from, given that the Liberals are down 2 point in this poll, plus one over 2 weeks. Also, in Quebec, where the environment is key, the Liberals are slightly down, so I don’t know the headline relates to the reality. Don’t get me wrong, good news, and the Liberals are solid, but the inference that Tory slippage directly translates to Liberal gain isn’t supported by the findings.

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