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How’s that democratic reform-accountability week working out, Tories?

Seriously, did the Conservatives plan this to be just a week of irony with what’s been going on? Another example of them being anything but accountable or interested in democratic reform – the Conservative chair tried to silence a committee witness whose testimony they didn’t like, and when the opposition members  overruled him, the guy had a temper tantrum:

Tory MP Leon Benoit, chair of the Commons Standing Committee on International Trade which was holding the SPP hearings, ordered Laxer to halt his testimony, saying it was not relevant. Opposition MPs called for, and won, a vote to overrule Benoit’s ruling. Benoit then threw down his pen, declaring, “This meeting is adjourned,” and stormed out, followed by three of the panel’s four Conservative members. The remaining members voted to finish the meeting, with the Liberal vice-chair presiding.

Of course, it shouldn’t surprise you that Benoit’s unilateral attempt to adjourn this committee is probably illegal (not to mention undemocratic) :

Benoit’s actions are virtually unprecedented, observers say; at press time, parliamentary procedure experts still hadn’t figured out whether he had the right to adjourn the meeting unilaterally. Benoit did not respond to calls for comment.

More of Canada’s Accountable and Democratic Reform-minded government in action. Think what these jokers would do if they had a majority government (shudder).

(H/T to Lord Kitchener)


4 comments to How’s that democratic reform-accountability week working out, Tories?

  • One example of crazy behavior is not the point. Unlike Nafta, spp did not not have a national debate or a election run on the issue. Every time I bring up the subject of Deep Integration to people they have bloody clue what I’m talking about, the public has no clue on this issue.

    Bogus science can cloud the climate change debate but SPP is about energy survival, nationalism, protecting Canada. This should be THE issue to take into the next election. You don’t need to prove a climate model with SPP just stroke the emotions of Canadians and even many Cons will question selling away the life blood of our economy to the Americans for short term gain.

  • knb

    Weren’t there other committee meetings that went haywire this week?

    Somehow, we need to start a list of all this bizarre, repressive behaviour, in a way that Canadians can access it. You just know average people do not follow this stuff, but it’s astonishing what is going on.

  • Whooee! GAB’s right on the money. The meetin’ went off script an’ Benoit couldn’t handle the uncertainty of it all. This is all just more stall and delay stuff. The more the Cons stall and delay, the more they add to a self-fulfilling prophecy that minority gummint don’t work. This sorta stuff – even with the childishness factored in – is win-win fer the Cons. They win by stallin’ on stuff they don’t to happen an’ they win by makin’ voters think we need to elect a majority if we want effectiveness.


  • It’s very clear what happened.

    Truth and reality escaped during a committee meeting, Benoit being unfamiliar with the concept when into a Star Trek like logic feedback loop.

    Once the master controller detected Benoit’s distress the Mother Ship summoned Benoit back to his pod for repairs and reprogramming.

    Subsequenting new attacks against Elizabeth May were downloaded to the other drones in case one of them was questioned by the press.

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