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Canadians not willing to follow the US stance on torture – unlike Margaret Wente and Harper

Notwithstanding the gloomy title of her op-ed in today’s Toronto Star, a summary of Linda McQuaig’s article would be, “Margaret Wente and Stephen Harper may not care about whether Afghani’s were tortured or not, but regular Canadians do”.

Nice little putdown of Wente here that I really liked:

This dismissive approach was echoed by Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente who made clear that her sympathies lay with Canadian military leaders, not with Afghans who reported being hung upside down and punched so hard their teeth fell out. “I have deep sympathy for our military leaders,” wrote Wente, explaining what she saw as the difficult bind our generals are in. “They can fight a war. Or they can babysit `our detainees’ …” To Wente, ensuring that our detainees aren’t tortured a requirement of the Geneva Conventions, which Canada has signed is the equivalent of “babysitting” them.

I really do miss the “Wente Watch” blog. If you wanted to see how over-the-top some of her commentary is, that site gave you a nice neat summary. Unfortunately, the Globe’s decision to hide her behind a pay-to-see-our-editorialist’s firewall effectively removed that blog’s ability to monitor her stuff (and who would pay to read her stuff anyhow?). Fortunately, there are people out there like McQuaig willing to occasionally show us what tripe she spouts off.


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