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Not to bug you about electoral reform/PR again Stephane:

…. but I certainly hope you or some members of your new advisory staff and persons in the OLO will read this article and think seriously about the arguments they present for you and the Liberals to be advocates of a process to start looking at PR as a serious Liberal policy plank. It has its advantages politically, and as the article states… if we look at the big picture, PR does benefit the Liberals (and the progressive parties) in the long run.


6 comments to Not to bug you about electoral reform/PR again Stephane:

  • mushroom

    I am tired of holding Dion’s foot to the fire with regards to PR. If he has not made any announcement on PR any time soon, I guess he is not interested in forming a government and defeating Harper within the next few months.

  • ITC:

    I see that from those within the Party holding that view as being arrogance if they think we’re going to automatically assume that mantle again.

  • In_The_Centre

    Not going to happen. There are too many within the party (both MP’s and key organizers) that think there is too much to lose by going with PR. After all, we are the “natural governing” party.

    The Green-Liberal deal has always been about a long term effort to squeeze out the NDP.


  • I’m for PR anyways but if I was iffy about the concept just knowing I was clipping the Blocs wings would be reason enough for to reconsider supporting it.

    It’s easy to argue the democratic high ground on Pr and with Ontario having a Plebisite this year it would be good for Dion personaly and a huge boost to the yes camp in Ontario.

    Unfortunately partisan politics will probably be stronger than real democratic ideals. Libs and Cons insiders would probably rather roll the dice for a majority than share and play nicely.

    Can the Libs survive Dion doing anything else edgy or risky? or more important can Dion survive if he does?

    Contact your local Liberal and push this idea, I would, but I think I’m banned from sending Belinda any more mail :em21:

  • Whooee! IP sed a mouthful. If parties worked for the good of country as opposed to the good of the party, we’d all be happier and less cynical. Trouble is, it ain’t the country who put Dion, Layton, Harper, Duceppes and May in their positions. The party made them leaders and spokespersons and they owe their allegiance to the ones who butter their bread. If parties all worked cooperatively for the good of the country, we wouldn’t even need parties. Hmmm… DO we need ’em?

    I hope Dion comes through with something on PR. I hope so because our system doesn’t work properly and needs reform. I also hope so because he agreed to do so in the Red-Green deal. I also hope so because it would indicate a willingness to work for what’s good for Canada even if it creates short term pain for the big, old-line, entrenched parties.

    Maybe Dion could assign the ER file to Bob Rae or some other big name Grit. It ain’t a sexy issue with voters and Dion’s lookin’ unsexy enough without takin’ on a complex, difficult-to-communicate issue.


  • And more importantly (and I hope more convincingly), it would benefit the country.

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