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Another day —

…and another Conservative Minister caught not disclosing his travel expenses. This time it’s (ironically) Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon:

Transport Canada’s aircraft flight log shows at least six trips taken by Cannon in 2006 aboard a sleek Citation C-550 executive jet that do not appear anywhere in his posted ministerial expenses, as mandated by the federal Treasury Board… Transport Department officials could not immediately say how much it costs the department to operate the Citation C-550s, but Defence documents show the executive Challenger jets cost about $9,000 an hour.

All of this while the Conservatives were calling this “Democratic Reform Week” in the House, and trying to trumpet their accountability legislation. This would also be called irony.


2 comments to Another day —

  • Whooee! I reckon it’s that selfsame irony that’s got the Cons down in the ‘pinion polls. I figger more’n’more Canajuns is seein’ through the blather. Just ’cause they say the word “accountability” over an’ over ad nauseum don’t mean they’re deliverin’ any. Ordinary non-wonk voters are startin’ to see the emperor’s bare ass.

    When the Grits was AdScammin’, at least they weren’t all holier-than-thou about their righteousness. Ordinary Canajuns don’t take to self-righteous hypocrisy combined with partisan handouts (Bev Oda-style) and limousine-ridin’, jetsettin’, expense account-fudgin’ cabinet ministers an’ slappin’ the cuffs on whistleblowers an’ talkin’ green while givin’ special rules to tar sand profiteers.

    The more we see, the less we like.


  • As I posted at Cerberus…

    “Our rules don’t apply to us. We’re the honest people.”

    Be very afraid of a Harper majority.

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