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And then there was one…

There remains only one living Canadian who fought in World War I after the death of Dwight Wilson today. I bring it up because he was born just south of Tillsonburg, in the village of Vienna. Tillsonburg is where I was born and where I spent a fair bit of time in my youth going to school and playing baseball and so on (I actually grew up in a small village just north of Tillsonburg in the opposite direction). Rural areas are extremely proud of any of their citizens who go on to achieve great things, and I’m sure the village of Vienna – and indeed the surrounding area – will be very proud of Mr. Wilson’s past accomplishments.

The last remaining Canadian is John Babcock, about age 106, I believe. I know the family has expressed hesitation at this, but when Mr. Babcock finally passes on, I really do think a state funeral would be an appropriate and fitting tribute to him, and to remember all the soldiers and others who helped fight World War I for Canada.


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