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Conservatives decide Alberta’s air can be dirtier then the rest of Canada

If you go back through the years reading all of Harper’s complaints about Kyoto, one stands out – he consistently complains Kyoto did nothing about smog and air pollution. The Conservatives have continued to claim despite being pummelled on this version of Clean Air Act Plan II that their plan has a way for helping Canadians to breath cleaner air and to cut down on smog in Canada by cracking down on heavy industry.

All except one sector of heavy industry.

Unsurprisingly, its been discovered that their plan exempts Alberta’s oil-sands from that requirement:

The federal government’s new clean air plan will exempt Alberta’s oil sands — alone among all sectors of heavy industry in Canada — from a requirement to cut emissions of two smog-causing pollutants…An Environment Canada document provided to non-government groups last week projects a 60 per cent rise in emissions of volatile organic compounds from the oil sands by 2015, and a 5 per cent increase in nitrous oxides emissions over the same period. “Every other sector has reductions,” said Emilie Moorhouse, executive director of the Sierra Club. “Albertans’ air quality is going to suffer because of this.”…Nashina Shariff, associate director of Alberta-based ToxicsWatch, predicted Fort McMurray’s smog will exceed Canadian health standards within five years.

This is the same sector that will also be exempt from GHG emissions targets under the Conservative’s new regulations for three years. And why? Because, the Conservatives want that industry to expand rapidly, which makes their claims that they are being tough on smog as well as GHG an absolute joke, when they are exempting or shielding the major producer of both smog and GHG from their very targets.

I hope Albertans will wake up and realize how much the Conservatives are taking their province, and their votes, and their health for granted.


3 comments to Conservatives decide Alberta’s air can be dirtier then the rest of Canada

  • knb

    a bit much.?

    Dan, with respect, it’s obscene. Most of what this gov’t has done is obscene.

    I presume the con’s view obscenity in a different vein. So be it and good luck with that.

  • Dan

    Sure the Conservative power base is Alberta, and sure everyone expects that the government will dance with the ones that brought it, but this blatant favouring of the oil sands over every other industry is a bit much.

  • knb

    I hope some media in Alberta have the courage to write about the real effects of this move.

    Doesn’t this guy have asthma? I guess he plans on living in Ontario for a while.

    He is the most hypocritical, opportunistic politician in recent memory.

    Did you notice though, Baird just kept lying for him. So did another MP, Rajotte on a panel with Newman. He looked idiotic, but they don’t seem to care. The directive right now seems to be, keep up the lie. Sadly, some people buy when you lie.

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