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Bill Clinton helps lower drug prices for AIDS in 3rd World Countries

I know the guy had his personal faults, and sometimes he triangulated on policy positions a lot more then some of us would like, but when he does something like this, you still can see the large difference in quality that he was as a President (and is as an ex-President) as compared to the current occupant of the White House:

Former U.S. president Bill Clinton announced agreements with drug companies Tuesday to lower the price of so-called “second-line” AIDS drugs for people in the developing world and to make a once-a-day AIDS pill available for less than $1 a day… Clinton’s foundation negotiated agreements with generic drug makers Cipla Ltd. and Matrix Laboratories Ltd. that he said would mean an average savings of 25 per cent in low-income countries and 50 per cent in middle-income countries.

Just a little post today applauding the former President for “getting it”. When you have great influence, wielding it to affect a positive change in the world when you don’t have to always impresses me. Clinton has done so today.


3 comments to Bill Clinton helps lower drug prices for AIDS in 3rd World Countries

  • I will give Paul Martin his props on that account, yes.

  • small 'l'

    Paul Martin is still strongly engaged in the fight for the rights and well-being of first Nations people.

  • So the guy was a slut, so what! Whitewater was never proven, people have to get over it.

    He did his job, was informed, articulate and certainly a better neighbour than the current goof. By all accounts Clinton worked hard(and apparently played Hard too)and tried to do a good job.

    Clinton, Carter and Gore, have shown that the end of politics is not the end of a President’s/VP’s usefulness. The connections and influence these people can bring to an issue are worth far more than anything the average NGO could ever cobble together.

    It’s too bad that more people of power don’t make themselves usefull in retirement.

    It’s even worse here in Canada, what has Cretin, Joe, Martin, Turner, and Muldoon done for anybody other than themselves lately?

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