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You know your environment plan sucks…..

….when even in the province where your core support is, only 1 in 5 Albertans polled feel that intensity targets are the way to go in attacking climate change:

..On the other side, 70% said targets should seek to reduce the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions below current levels even if it costs industry more.

Know what? They also support by an overwhelming margin tough controls on companies:

The poll also revealed that 92% of Albertans supported mandatory regulations for oilsands companies

Here’s the real kicker. Get what the Pembina Institute says will actually happen with Baird’s intensity target regime; instead of slowing GHG pollution, it will skyrocket:

… the intensity targets imposed by the government would do little to stem pollution from an industry that has predicted its production would quadruple to four million barrels a day by 2020. Because of the structure of new federal regulations, which includes exemptions that give new facilities a three-year grace period, Bramley calculates intensity targets would allow greenhouse gas pollution from the oilsands to triple by 2020.

To their credit, Canadians aren’t buying Blowhard Baird’s claims.

(H/T to Steve at Far and Wide)


3 comments to You know your environment plan sucks…..

  • ALW

    My point was just that polls don’t tell us anything about the relative importance of an issue. People only get one vote. So I don’t spend a lot of time poring over single-issue poll results, and I don’t know why anyone else does either.

  • Don’t be too cocky ALW. Things are not looking very good for the Tories. The hopes for a Harper majority are long since passed, if I were a betting man I would put money on it, and I don’t think it’ll be too long before they’re past being re-elected too.

  • ALW

    Um, well then I guess the parties that promote these policies will be steamrolling the Tories in the next election, right?


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