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Things I learned in Toronto

– Second Cup Coffee shops are really expensive.

– Bay Street is nice almost the entire way down it.

– I walk a lot faster on streets when I’m by myself then when I’m with people.

– Via Rail passengers in Toronto all put their tickets in the top of the seats so they can fiddle with their cellphones/blackberries/palms etc uninterrupted in case the conductor comes by early to collect their ticket.

Oh.. did I mention I was in Toronto today? (Friday). I was meeting with some people and had a real nice time.


1 comment to Things I learned in Toronto

  • Try it every day, yuk.

    You must have hit a good period for Bay street, the beggers are usually thicker than flys on political discource.

    The only saving grace to the rail commuting slog every day is the friday night ritual of clandestine beer drinking on the GO train.

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