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Lots of Conservative MP’s like to use Neville Chamberlain too.

Maclean’s is doing a bangup job on this Neville Chamberlain tempest in a teapot that Liz May stirred up. They decided to do some more research on who else has used the Neville Chamberlain analogy, and what do you know, you find a list of Conservative MP’s, including Stockwell Day unsurprisingly, that have also used him to attack their opponents.

Alexa McDonough is also in this list, by the way, so this whole thing is nothing but attempted partisan politics – mostly on the part of the Conservatives,  to try and distract from their environmental sham and their continuing problems in Afghanistan.


5 comments to Lots of Conservative MP’s like to use Neville Chamberlain too.

  • ..the same “Liberal” magazine that has an influx of ex-National Post people and columnists now at it?

    C’mon Prairie Kid, try to be a little more credible. I know you conservative supporters like to whine and cry about the “liberal media” :em61: … but Macleans isnt one of them.

    Besides, its good journalism to examine whether the moral outrage being exhibited by the Tories is hypocritical or not.. and obviously it is.

  • Prairie Kid

    If a Conservative had made this comment, do you really think that Liberal magazine “Maclean’s” would have gone to the trouble to research if any Liberal had ever used it?

  • Not only does Harper believe we should monitor church sermons, I’m quite sure he also would like to make our attendance mandatory!

    makes you think, mandatory church, pro torture, faulty logic, maybe the Spanish Inquisition would have been a more appropriate analogy.

    Just wait if he ever gets a majority, Mandatory church, we’ll have unified N.A. identity cards, green backs in our wallets and bar codes or RDI chips in our foreheads.

    At least my tinfoil hat will keep out his mind control lasers;)

    One big difference however is they can say anything they want in the HOC with immunity from civil repercussions, and they can get the press to defend themselves. Elizabeth does not have either of these priveledges.

  • Whooee! There’s sure a big bunch who’re so scared shitless of Lizzie May that they’re ready to pounce on anything she sez. Paleo-partisans is what I call ’em.

    That dumbass Rex Murphy was spoutin’ the selfsame mock outrage on teh National last night. Hey Rex, start readin’ Maclean’s.

    I reckon it’s pretty obvious where the apologies oughta be comin’ from. The hypocrit numbnutses who been throwin’ mud at the gal I adore, Earth Mother Lizzie May, owe her an’ all Canajuns an apology. Even Dion, too. If ever there was a pot-kettle thing, this is it.

    Why was tehre no mock outrage when MacKay, McDonough, Thibeault, Manning, an’ who knows how many others invoked the selfsame analogy?

    Here’s a bigass difference between them MP’s spoutin’ on appeasement an’ Chamberlain an’ Lizzie May doin’ the same – the MP’s made their statements fer teh official record on the floor of the House of Comments. Lizzie made her statement in a church to a few London parishoners.

    Does the PM think that church sermons should be monitored for inappropriate references to government shortcomings?


  • Oh, please. I’m soooo tired of this one… Please, Neville again…

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