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Arctic ice is going.. going… a lot quicker then thought

It’s melting 30 years ahead of what the UN is predicting, if this US study is accurate. The ice may be completely gone in the summer of 2020:

No summer ice on the northern ocean would further accelerate global warming, said Ted Scambos, a glaciologist at the U.S. National Snow and Ice Center in Colorado… “It appears we’re on pace about 30 years earlier than expected to reach a state where we don’t have sea ice, or at least not very much, in late summer in the Arctic Ocean,” he said.

And can we do anything about it?

“We just barely now, I think, have enough time and enough collective will to be able to get through this century in good shape. “But it means we have to start acting now and in a big way,” he added.

John Baird’s “less ambitious” climate change plan (as described by the UN) for Canada isn’t showing either collective will or acting in a big way. It is nothing but a rearguard action for big polluters. The amended Bill C-30 must either be forced through Parliament by the 3 opposition parties and passed over the Conservatives protests, or there needs to be an election, so they can be replaced by a government and supported by other parties in the House that are more progressive and forward-thinking on this issue, and willing to deal with it rather then put their collective heads in the sand.

We can’t waste much more time with a government in place that refuses to deal with the global warming/climate change crisis. The opposition parties must take matters into their own hands and either pass the necessary legislation and let the Tories whine and complain about it, or bring the government down.


10 comments to Arctic ice is going.. going… a lot quicker then thought

  • billg

    Um..Scott…I dont care who was in charge. I’ve said that already. Why cant you answer my question, I’ve asked 4 times now. You spew out all this crap about starting, about a begining…blah blah blah…same crap we’ve heard from Dion and now Baird. Your the problem Scott, your so partisan, so blind you refuse to see the absolute truth, we cant stop Global Warming. Just say it. If you cant say it your nothing but a schill. Canada does not control Global Warming. Lets fire Baird, lets change government..lets give the Liberals a majority…I’m ok with that…I could care less..they all steal my money…so…I’ll go along…C-30 goes through, we have an electon, Dion is PM…what changes?…NOTHING…if you cant admit that over the next 50 years NOTHING will change then your a fraud, and, its not about the environment, its about power, and I’m ok with that too….from politicians, not from bloggers who are supposed to have freedom of thought. So…I’ll ask for the 5th time, how does bringing in a Liberal government and cutting 1% of the worlds C02 emmissions stop the arctic ice from melting….I have a 500$ cheque for the Liberal Party of Canada if you can answer. Have guts Scott, a little courage, put away the cliche’s..and answer.

  • I see you fell for the “13 years of Liberal inactivity part” the TOries like to use as a crutch.

    Thing is.. Kyoto was NOT signed off on in 1993. It was signed off on in that 1990’s.

    As for Baird’s plan, he’s using intensity targets. He and others like to harp on the fact that during the “13 years” emissions went up 27%.

    Fine.. but if the Liberals were using intensity targets as a guideline, our pollution intensity would be shown to have gone down 14% over that 13 year time frame… which shows the utter sham that using those as standards for reducing GHG are – but thats what Baird is doing, while at the same time criticizing the Liberals for emissions going up. You can’t have it both ways.

    Insignificant emissions? You gotta be kidding me. Have you seen what our emissions are? We’re now one of the top GHG emissions polluters in the world. You’re right.. Canada alone can’t stop Global Warming, but we sure can do a lot to help in that direction, and if you want to moan and whine and complain, Bill, go ahead.. but I’m not prepared to stand by and watch the planet go into environmental chaos.

    There are plenty of economic reports out there that show Kyoto can be met without massive economic disaster… but the Conservatives refuse to acknowledge it.. or if they do, they whine that it will hurt economic activity (read: it will prevent Big Oil from raking in massive profits, just big ones.. and we cant have that “socialist scheme Kyoto plan” doing that)

  • billg

    And while I’m ranting…think of your logic. Lets force an election over an issue we failed at, an issue we showed no leadership, an issue we failed Canadains over and failed the World.
    You really want to travel that path?
    Want to know why I like the Liberal party, or used to..because Mr Chretien refused to gamble with jobs and the economy over such an insigniificant amount of C02 emmissions….a very responsible leader…I dont trust Mr Dion to have that same responsibility.

  • billg

    Do you think were all stupid Scott? I know all that, I know about starting, I know about a march of a million miles starts with the first step, we all know that, thats not the question I asked, its not the premise of your post. We (us canadians) were screwed over the last 13 years by the Liberals in regards to C02 emmissions, they didnt take it seriously. Fine. Mea Culpa. I get that, and I forgive. I could care less who’s in power…I really couldnt, but, there are people like Annie who actually believe that we can stop global warming. Canada cannot. Can we set an example..yes, alot better example then we set the last 10 years. Is Mr Baird’s plan going far enough..probably not, but, its a start, if its not enough for you I’m ok with that as well, its none of my business. But, people have to understand that Canada does not, never will have an impact on Global Warming, we can at best set examples…will you at least admit that?

  • Canada must do it part Billg. We can’t throw our hands up in the air and say all is hopeless.

    We also cant be believing a government who throws out Chicken Little “the sky is falling” scenarios as a reason for not implementing tough controls on GHG.

    The world must make the effort, and Canada must do its part. To sit on our hands and do nothing is a failure in leadership, and the next generations will be withering in their criticism of that lack of leadership Canada showed if we did nothing and it contributes to the disastrous climate change effects that all credible scientific evidence predicts will happen if we do not act NOW

    Bill C-30, passed in its amended form, is a start, BillG to the solution.

  • billg

    And of course…no answer Scott.
    Have the courage of your convictions…answer my simple little question. Your Liberal party has my vote, I’ll hammer signs into lawns for you, you have my email address, I’ll buy a membership, hell, I’ll buy two…tell me how changing governments will stop arctic ice from melting. I beg you…answer the question.

  • billg

    Annie please tell me you were joking. Are you that partisan that you actually think Mr Baird is responsible for this? Do you really think that Canada can stop this? Annie…if we all lived in huts, never operated a car again, shut down every business in Canada…arctic ice would still be melting. God…enough of the lunacy. Oh ya…chocolate milk does not come from brown cow’s either.

  • Yea.. and the drop in Conservative support of the last little while shows the Canadian public OVERWHELMINGLY support the Conservatives plans on global warming, right Billg?

    Go back and drink some more Tory Kool-Aid.

  • billg

    This is mind boggling! How will cutting 1% of the worlds C02 emmissions stop arctic ice from melting? Wanna know why the Libs and the NDP dont get together on this…because if they do and at best they work to cut our emmissions by 1%…there’s still 99% of emmissions out there that WE DO NOT CONTROL. So, I go back to my original question, will cutting 1% of Canada’s emmissions stop arctic ice from melting? The Liberals and the NDP face extinction should they ever force an election over and issue we have no control over…the voters would never forget…wanna know how I know?…because they arent forcing an election. Its plain and simple common sense.

  • It scares me..just to thnk about the poor animals up there and Baird does not give one iota. I know he oil companies will not accept a carbon tax, as the right -wing has scared the living daylights out of them, but if done properly will not be as bad as they think. Baird is going to make it worse, so what do we do, before it is too late. He will take everything carbon related out of the Clean air Act.

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