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Decima: Liberals lead Conservatives in latest poll!!

Ok, so its only a 1 point lead, which is “statistically insignificant” and technically a tie within the poll’s MOE. But, it’s still nice to see, and it shows a trend of the Conservatives continuing to slide as Canadians realize: they are not onside with them on the Environment; are hypocrites when it comes to being honest with handing out government funds and taxpayer’s money (see Bev Oda’s memo asking Conservative MP’s for events her department can fund in their ridings, as well as Steve’s psychic hairdresser being on the public purse) and are incompetent – and worse, liars – when it comes to discussing the Afghanistan issue.

Another point to note – the Greens have risen to 13% – 2 points behind the NDP. Apparently, Canadians weren’t as offended by the May-Dion pact as the online Angus-Reid poll claimed they were. 🙄 (Sorry.. wont.. discuss.. inaccurate online polling.. again).


2 comments to Decima: Liberals lead Conservatives in latest poll!!

  • wilson61

    You would have thought that with as bad for the Cons the last 2 weeks were, Libs would be better than tied in the polls, being the natural governing party of Canada.

    The Cons drop in the polls was predicted months ago: Afghan spring offensive and opps gang up on any enviro plan Cons would produce.
    This too shall pass, and Libs gained nothing in the process.

    Without the daily gang up attacks in QP, and likely continued green announcements over the summer (perhaps cherry picking the good parts of the oppositions CAA), Cons numbers will rise again.
    When the House returns in the fall, the Government of Canada will have a new set of priorities.

    If the opposition does not bring down the Gov’t over the refusal to bring forward the new CAA for a vote, and, the ‘implimenting’ of what they rant to be a fraudulent enviro plan, the enviro file is neutralized, due to opposition indifference. (the only Ministerial position May will have, is in the United Church, but she may stab Dion in the back if he won’t bring down the Gov’t on Kyoto, for moral and/or religious reasons. Beware.)

  • Joel Parkes

    It’s no surprise to me that the Green Party is growing. Peterborough has the fastest growth of Green Party members in Ontario. Many of the new members come from all the old line parties but the biggest area of growth is coming from the people who have never been in a political party before. This is the rise of a viable political alternative because of the convergence of real concern about the environment with a disdain of politics in general and a distrust of the leaders of all of the old line parties. These are exciting times in Canada.

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