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Baird goes after the entire world.

I’m wondering exactly how the strategy of bad-mouthing everyone is supposed to win you support among the Canadian voter for your proposed climate-change plan, but that is apparently what Baird has decided is his best shot of getting voters to like his plan:

Baird responded yesterday by saying that U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases had climbed when Gore was vice-president… Baird also bad-mouthed the Liberal party, its leader, Stéphane Dion, environmentalists and the European Union.

The first three, I can see some reasoning for going after, since all have said his plan comes up way short. I’m not really sure why he decided to go out of his way to go after the EU, when no one from anywhere in that organization has even commented on the new plan the Conservatives have brought up. It’s also pretty easy to pick apart:

The environment minister twice referred to climate change plans for the “next 13 years” in Europe and promised Canada would take over Europe’s leadership role on the issue. In fact, the EU ministers have committed to cutting greenhouse gases to 20 per cent below Europe’s 1990 emissions by 2020 while the target for the same year in the Conservative plan is five per cent above Canada’s 1990 levels.

Note this is a newspaper report pointing out the obvious – not an editorial or an opinion columnist or an opposition party spokesperson’s rebuttal. If Baird is hoping that attacking everyone and everything is going to sell his plan to the public, I’m afraid he’s in for a rude awakening.


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