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Just another Justin Trudeau post

I’ve been away all day and saw much to my surprise that Justin Trudeau had won – on the first ballot. I’ve been hearing for awhile of a “deal” worked out between the 2nd and 3rd place candidates for an Anyone-But-Trudeau vote to take him down on the 2nd ballot. It appears though that either the other candidates underestimated Trudeau’s get-out-the-vote of his memberships, or they did worse in selling memberships then they were letting on.

I’ve been ambivalent about his candidacy. I would have preferred if he had ran out in BC, and I’ve been more impressed with his brother Alexandre as a potential candidate for office. Regardless, Justin Trudeau appears to have earned his victory, and he might be a better candidate then some people had given him credit for – he gained the respect of Antonio, even though Antonio probably disagrees with him on most issues to do with Quebec and Canada (though I would be remiss if I didn’t also point out Antonio was predicting a 2nd round Deros win today).

I would say that riding will be a circus (or a gong show as Antonio and my friend Jasmine says – is that a Quebec saying?) when the election rolls around. There might be more media in that riding alone then in the other 300+ ridings combined (with the exception of the various leader’s ridings perhaps).


4 comments to Just another Justin Trudeau post

  • knb

    Fair enough Scott, it’s good to read that post, thx.

    I still hope he either backs the party though, or backs off the criticism.

    That is not to say you must agree with everything. It’s simply to say, the leadershp race is over let’s get on with it.

    To consider the leader of the party an advesary…well, I do not see that as productive.

  • I am glad he won, as he had a lot against him..good luck to him. Yes Alexandre ia a very good pick but do not underestimate Justin. Both are nice boys and Margaret must be proud !

  • Antonio acknowledged at his site that Justin deserved to win.

  • knb

    With respect, your friend Antonio, had it dead wrong. I for one hope that he gains a bit of clarity, stands behind the party and let’s his “stuff”, go.

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