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I would pay good money to watch this

So, Johnny Baird got a bit ticked over the Al Gore statement that his environmental plan was a fraud designed to mislead the Canadian public. He released a statement trying to defend himself, and then ended it apparently with this:

Baird’s statement also offered an invitation for Gore to discuss climate change and the Conservatives’ environmental policies with him.

Discuss? More like ‘debate’ with him. If I’m Al Gore, I tell him sure, but only if it’s a public discussion/debate.

Why would I pay good money to watch? I think the former vice-president – who has dealt with far worse politicians in both his old job and in his new one –  would rip John Baird to pieces in that debate, both on the reality of this Conservative plan and in debate style. I would love to see Baird get his comeuppance.


14 comments to I would pay good money to watch this

  • paul

    Gore couldn’t beat George W.
    Are you sure you qant to back this horse?

  • [quote comment=”3799″]Would the Calgary “elite” maybe have wanted to give Stelmach the cold shoulder? I don’t know, just speculating.[/quote]

    Holly, that’s entirely possible, too. I’ve heard the Calgary “elite” doesn’t like having a leader from anywhere other than Calgary, but not connected to the Calgary business establishment, I have no way of judging whether the rivalry is that real or not. If so, it’s scary to imagine anyone with the powers of an “elite” being that petty.

  • Lord Kitchener's Own

    “When he was the US Vice-president, he had the perfect opportunity to bring Kyoto to a vote in the US senate and he never even brought it to the floor”.

    That is the dumbest thing I’ve read in a while. Gore’s to blame for not bringing Kyoto before a Republican Senate that wanted to kill it??? That’s rich. That Gore could be accused of killing Kyoto by not allowing the Senate to have a vote, on the record, killing Kyoto is an inane argument.

    As for his house, I’m shocked that a press release from a right-wing advocacy group that the Tennessee Department of Revenue says is “not a legitimate group” and that never contacted the public utility to get its information, got so much play. For the record, per square foot, Gore’s home is about average for homes in his region, he pays so much for energy every year because he participates in a green energy plan offered by his public utility (which allows you to purchase energy from green sources at a SIGNIFICANTLY higher monetary rate than the average) his mansion produces some of that large amount of energy used through its own solar cells, and Gore contributes to projects that reduce carbon emissions elsewhere in order to bring his overall carbon footprint to zero.

    Mr. Gore doesn’t say we should all move into small studio apartments and turn off our air conditioning. He says we should all do as much as we can to reduce our carbon footprint, and that once we get it as small as we can, we should contribute to projects reducing carbon emissions elsewhere, in order to neutralize the effect on the environment of the emissions we do generate. Which is exactly what he’s doing.

    It used to be that being right was all that was needed to win an argument. Sadly, today, one must be both right, and PURE. When the message is unassailable, inevitably the messenger is attacked.

  • Gee Scott, your blog answers are beginning to look like the Globe and Mail..same old..same old.
    I woould love to see Baird clobbered.

  • Prairie Kid

    Some people shoot their mouth off to get publicity and other people quietly put their money where their mouth is. For proof of what I’m talking about go here.

  • “Al Gore has been exposed as a complete and total fraud.”

    Someone better tell the Nobel Prize committee, or the United Nations. Speaking of frauds, is there one climate expert who has come out supporting Baird’s joke of a plan? Oil execs don’t count.

  • Holly Stick

    According to the Herald, Stelmach attended the talk, and “Following his speech, Gore held a private reception with many of the city’s business elite.” I wonder who controlled the guest list for that? Would the Calgary “elite” maybe have wanted to give Stelmach the cold shoulder? I don’t know, just speculating.

  • tric

    Al Gore has been exposed as a complete and total fraud. The evidence is overwhelming. The Conservative government of Canada has put forward a credible environmental plan that will move us forward at a realistic pace. This has exposed the previous Liberal government as a complete and total fraud on the issue of global warming as well. The Liberal government never had the courage to put forward any real plan at all.

  • wilson61

    Rumors are, Gore will take a run for Pres. So any press is good press for him. I wonder if he will again proclaim that he invented the internet?

    Gore has invested in a carbon trading scheme, and Canada is a no-sale. I’d call it a conflict of interest whne it comes to Canada’s Green Plan.

    ALL Americans, dems on rep, should keep their noses out of Canadian business unless asked for comment (Arnie).

    The opposition parties have said for months that PMSH and the Conservatives will destroy the planet, they should table a non-confidence motion a.s.a.p!!.
    If they don’t, it shows acceptance of the Cons Green Plan, end of story.

  • I doubt you’ll see any debate – Premier Stelmach also asked for a discussion with Gore when he was in Calgary and got stood up. I think Gore’s more interested in his personal media visibility than any real progress. At least, that’s the only reason I can imagine why he’d refuse to meet with Stelmach, who has the capacity to make huge changes to the oil sands if he can be convinced of a profitable way to do it….

  • foottothefire

    Harper’s decisive leadership has never included a single home-grown idea. He has borrowed every so-called initiative from the USA or more acurately, the republican USA and he does believe the average Canadian is as ill-informed and gullible as the folks in ‘other jursdictions’ where drivel, tripe and fraud passes for governance.

  • If Gore was such a fraud, then why did Bush Sr. warn Americans, that he was an environmental extremist, during the 2000 campaign?

  • Tony

    Al Gore is a hypocrite. When he was the US Vice-president, he had the perfect opportunity to bring Kyoto to a vote in the US senate and he never even brought it to the floor.

    US President Clinton all but pulled America out of the Kyoto accord when Gore was his VP. So the fact is that when Al Gore was in a position to influence the US participation in Kyoto, “he did nothing”

    If you take a look at Al Gore’s lifestyle, his mansion is consuming more electricity in a month than the average American consumes in a year, so he is not even backing up what he says with what he does.

    So given all of that, how can Al Gore be taken seriously when he criticizes any country for not meeting it targets? As usual, the MSM has chosen to gloss over and overlook all of these facts and give Al Gore the credibility on the environment that he does not deserve.

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