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I love Al Gore

Al Gore slams the Conservative Green Plan (Attempt #2):

“I’m hearing a reduction in intensity is going to be presented to the Canadian people as a legitimate policy,” he said at the consumer environmental show. “In my opinion, it is a complete and total fraud. It is designed to mislead the Canadian people.” …Gore also praised Canada’s best known environmentalist, David Suzuki, for confronting Environment Minister John Baird on Friday, the first day of the three-day Green Living Show.

I figure Mr. Gore wanted to make sure he made clear where he stood on the Conservatives plan, just so John Baird couldn’t go around a 2nd time claiming Al Gore supported his plan like he tried to a couple of months ago. I also find it pretty funny that Baird said on CBC according to Darren that he “had no respect for Gore’s view on global warming” in light of the aforementioned willingness of Baird in February to name-drop Gore to try and say he supported the Conservative’s climate change plans.

The clip of Al Gore saying the above quoted text and receiving loud applause for this can be found here and here.


16 comments to I love Al Gore

  • paul

    Al Gore is a lot smarter then you, I know that… and he’s also smarter then “Blowhard” Baird.

    Bet a beer or 5?

  • You haven’t been following American politics too closely then, Paul.

    McCain’s campaign is going nowhere, and Guiliani will be exposed that he’s not presidential material. He’s already getting there with his amusing claim that electing a Democratic President would mean America would be at risk of attack again – seeming to forget the 9/11 attack took place on the watch of a Republican president, as did the anthrax attacks. Who’s trying to sow apocalyptic fear again?

    Besides, there’s no guarantee that Gore is even going to run again.. so he can’t be a “two-time loser” if he isn’t running. (And he wouldn’t be a two-time loser – he won the 2000 election).

    Al Gore is a lot smarter then you, I know that… and he’s also smarter then “Blowhard” Baird

  • paul

    Scott…it’s morning and I’ve sobered up.
    I still think the republicans will win with either Guiliani or McCain. Gore will go down as a 2 time loser. How would he sell to the American people that they will do climate better than the Canadians? It would be a gift to the republicans to sow apocalyptic fear. I’m afraid Al Gore is not too smart.

  • Lynne

    Gore had every right to declare his views publically. The CPC and especially Baird (as usual lied) cherry picked a statement by Gore to try to make Canadians believe he approved of their first pathetic plan.

    This way, it’s clear. Baird can’t lie about Gore’s comments now.

    I watched Schwarsenegger on C-SPAN about his environmental plan in California and talked about his partnership with several States, Canada and Britain – because there are republican deniers. Rep. John McCain believes in Kyoto and believes we should go further, but he said that there are republicans that are deniers and I would suspect these guys are connected with the oil industry.

    If the Democrats win the next election or even John McCain, things will change. So why on earth would Harper/Baird stupidly pursue a Bush plan when Bush only has about a year and a half left?

    Not to bright.

  • knb

    Aaron, either you do not realise the import of Gore’s comments, or you are working overtime to obfuscate them. Don’t you think that Gore and Suzuki are going to be listened to?

    It matters not how you feel, you represent 30% of the population. The rest of it knows what is true and like it or not, these two guys have credibility.

    That Baird has said he has no respect for Gore’s view…oh, big mistake. Big, big, mistake.

  • Eric

    Anyone else notice that Conbots have been a little more grumpy than usual lately?

    What’s wrong Conbots? Seeing that majority disappearing ? :em55:

    You think you are having a bad 2 weeks now, what another week when the polls show the Liberals in the lead. :em20:

  • You can search the archives here Aaron. I don’t feel like helping you out.. except for preventing you from making more stupid comments here since you hate the site so much.

  • Better analogy: Even a squirrel who runs around collecting nuts all day long apparently with the benefit of sight is still blind because the Golden God Lord Tribe says so!

    And now, before the everest of irony you’ve accumulated here bursts into flames, you’ll have to direct me to a post where you’ve criticized Dion.

  • Even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in awhile. That doesn’t mean he still isn’t blind.

    I have no particular reason to visit your site Aaron.. I have no inclination to visit sites that cause my blood pressure to go up from idiocy.. and I’ve seen enough idiocy at your site to know I don’t need to visit there. I can get enough of an idea from Stageleft and Canadian Cynic quoting the latest ridiculous pieces coming from your site to know what you write about.

    As for Gore, The environmental challenge is global, it’s a matter of science. It transcends borders. Gore has every right to comment on something if he feels it will hurt the planet.

    If you don’t like the site or how I write, nothing is stopping you from not coming here, Aaron. In fact, I can help assist you with that if you like.

  • I know! I’m such a hack that I wrote that Gordon O’Connor should be fired. You should really visit more often. Apparently you need better blogging role models than you currently have.

    Back to the matter at hand: The depths of hackery include quoting people who are complimenting your party or criticizing the other party. Suzuki, Gore, whaetever. Everyone can read it for themselves without the benefit of your assistance. It’s boring. Bad hack! Bad hack!

  • No irony about it. Gore was asked his opinion of the policy.. and he gave it. Segolene Royal gave hers.. no one particularly liked it.. but it was her opinion.

    American religious conservatives on the other hand, were directly trying to manipulate the election thru their umbrella organizations.

    The only hack Aaron, is you. The Conservatives could endorse every Liberal idea out there (as they’ve tried to do with the first canceled and then revived Liberal environmental programs) and you wouldn’t find a thing wrong with them.

  • I’m just enjoying the irony. That’s all.

    Exhibit A. Scott discovers that American religious conservatives may be attempting to influence Canadian electoral outcomes. Scott’s head nearly explodes.

    Exhibit B. Scott discovers Segolene Royal has endorsed Quebec sovereignty. Scott is deeply offended at this meddling in Canada’s internal affairs by a foreign politician.

    Exhibit C: Scott discovers that an American lobbyist is attempting to influence Canadian public policy, only in a reaction that he approves of. Reaction? He loves it!

    Thanks again my daily dose of hack.

  • :em01:

    You’re funny Paul. I see you’ve been into 1 too many of the beverages today.

  • paul

    I love Al Gore too. He will ensure another republican administration.

  • Gee Aaron.. you’re a tad slow today. It works both ways, as I pointed out in the blog. Baird invited it upon himself when as I just pointed out he tried name-dropping Al Gore’s name a couple of months ago to try and claim Gore supported The Conservative Government’s policies – and solely for propaganda purposes. He (and Blogging Tory whiners) should hardly not expect Gore to make it crystal clear this time around he doesn’t support it.

  • I love it when Americans meddle in Canada’s internal affairs as well.

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