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The environmental time clock at Prog Blog is now updated

As some of you know, we have been running an “environmental time countdown clock” at Progressive Bloggers ever since Ms. Ambrose and the Conservatives released their original Clean Air Act promising to set national air quality standards in 2025. It was based on Steve’s sarcastic post at his blog about how long they were going to wait before doing anything of substance. Well, now that Mr. Baird has come out with Green Plan #2, and promised we’d meet Kyoto Targets.. but not til 2025 at the earliest under his plan, we decided at Prog Blog to modify the clock somewhat to meet current reality on the ground. The original file has been modified by us, so that all sites who have this on their blog will have the changes kick in automatically, but here is what it looks like in bigger format if you want to see what it will now read:

Time clock

Note we left the time clock countdown as is, and we’re basing it on the predictions (even though its a somewhat dubious claim) that we’ll meet our 2012 targets under this new Conservative plan by 2025 – 13 years past the fact.

I’d like to thank our affiliate Leaping Rabbit for helping us to modify the original Flash file to reflect the new reality.

EDIT: Want to add this to your own blog? The instructions can be found here


2 comments to The environmental time clock at Prog Blog is now updated

  • This so called Plan 2 reminds me for a newborn without arms legs and head / sorry for the horrible image.. /
    The cons. announced they are NOT doing anything what would make any difference . It is a plan for Doing NOTHING .Turning the Corners?? Eh??

    This Baird guy is a puffed up puppet soldier in the Harper’s strings He knows he will be stepped over in no time.used up already..

  • […] Scott Tribe and I, your Progressive Bloggers head moderator and webmaster, have updated the Climate Clock. A kind PB affiliate (Leaping Rabbit) updated the text of Wayne Chu’s Flash code, and the new Flash file is in place so that anyone with the old clock on their blog will see the new one when they refresh their page. […]

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