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My solution to stopping Greenhouse Gases in Canada…

…. is maybe we should just let the Norwegians buy all of our oil companies:

A firm owned by the Norwegian government has paid $2.2 billion to acquire Calgary-based North American Oil Sands Corp. A Statoil executive told a Calgary news conference that Thursday’s announcement of new targets to limit greenhouse gas emissions did not come as a surprise. “When it comes to environmental issues we’ve seen this coming in Europe,” said Statoil senior vice-president Peder Sortland. “To us, it was a surprise almost that it didn’t come sooner.” Statoil said it will capture carbon dioxide emissions from its new oilsands operations and seal them underground, just as it has done in several of its other facilities around the world.

Nice subtle little dig at the Canadian oilpatch for not doing anything about GHG there.


1 comment to My solution to stopping Greenhouse Gases in Canada…

  • Thank you for bringing up this perspective on this story. I author a specific blog, Greener Oil Sands, on reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions in the oil sands (I aim to publish once per week on the matter), and I hope it was alright that I refferenced this post of yours.

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