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Economists give the Baird plan a backhanded compliment.

Guess what, economists agree with Baird and the Conservatives that their Green Sham Plan #2 will have minimal economic impact on Canada’s economy. That’s got to count for something, right?

Well.. not exactly. Check out why:

Philippe Crabbe, a University of Ottawa economist, laughed when asked about the likely impact on consumers, suggesting the plan is so weak that the impact will be negligible… Crabbe was skeptical that in-depth analysis has been done. “There’s no evidence there was a complete study of the plan. He was particularly critical of a provision that will allow large polluters to avoid cutting emissions by contributing to a technology fund at a rate of $15 a tonne.

Oh, and we discover more obfuscation from Baird. The experts say that Baird’s estimation of a car going up in price an average of 300$ as a result of his new regulations is probably too high. Again, great news right? Not if you’re concerned about climate change it isnt:

John Bennett of Climate for Change said that is the estimate for a car built to stringent California standards, and Canada will likely harmonize with weaker U.S. federal standards.

Welcome to your plan to try and fool Canadians, folks, into thinking this is anything significant in fighting climate change or GHG emissions.

I repeat what I said a couple of posts ago – between this and the Afghanistan debacle, it’s time to bring the government down and let the people decide.


9 comments to Economists give the Baird plan a backhanded compliment.

  • and don’t forget that almost 30% of so-called conservatives still support Bush despite the fact that he’s obviously a nit-wit tool of big Oil and big Military — nevermind the economic disaster he’s proven to be. People who are trolling and supporting these latest Harpor-flops will likely follow him off the cliff, because he’s proving to be equally as inept at economics as Bush.
    And for the info, most of Harpor’s ‘action’ on the environment happen to be photo-stats of Liberal 2003 programs… dumped and then restarted, at a cost that no one cares to investigate, but when you start up a program there is a financial account to settle… Nice to know the CON cheerleaders were raving about Liberal policy back in the good ol’ days.

  • lrC

    Liberal commitments made while they are in opposition are more worthless than Liberal commitments made while they are on the government side. It is one of the lessons illustrated repeatedly in the past 14 years. Those of you who claim to embrace rationalism and eschew denial of evidence are abrogating your own principles. Many are prepared to trust the lying, deceitful, obfuscating Liberals. Apparently no amount of fire is enough to singe your pure faith. Fair enough – nearly all of political allegiance and philosophy is faith, not reason. Just be honest enough to admit that nothing about any issue matters, no matter how objectively good it is, except to spin it to serve Liberal interests and oppose Conservative interests.

  • They can’t defend the plan on merit, hence the old blame the Liberals crutch.

  • knb

    You know, watching the con’s defend this sham, really illustrates clearly how little they understand the issue.

    I don’t for a moment think that Baird, or Harper don’t get it. They do. They’d rather focus on how to be re-elected though, than do what is right. There is brain power in this government, but it is funneled through this bizarre, “fool the people so they’ll vote for us”, channel. How sick is that?

    People like ferrethouse, believe that what the government has put out amounts to something. Obviously, he/she, knows nothing, but is willing to trust this lying, deceitful, obfuscating regime, just because they are Conservative, so it must be true.

    How many nitwits have trusted Bush. Oh, I know, no comparison right? Wrong…in the same dreamlike state, without information, we will follow you, is happening here.

    Why? Simply because they call themselves conservatives. That’s it, that is all that matters. No matter what they do wrong, they follow.

    We are Canadians people. We do what is moral and just. We’ll disagree on how that comes about, but 30% of you do not hold sway.

    Imagine, Canada, breaking an International Treaty. Canada people?!

  • Why hello Craig.. I thought you’d retired from blogging.

    Effective policies? You have GOT to be joking

    PS – What’s with the National Newswatch being your URL referral? Is that you who runs that site?

  • Oh geez. The Conservatives have already implemented more effective policies in less than two years than the Liberals did in 13. I guess you are just upset that Rick Mercer’s one tonne challenge wasn’t part of the package.

    Liberals are useless.

  • Did anyone else notice how quick Baird was to speak on the costs of his plan? Normally, you want to minimize, but Baird was almost bragging, on every ocassion, about .5% GDP, 8 billion dollars, more for consumers, etc. Those numbers are just rubbish, a front so Baird can say these are aggressive measures. Before I digested the numbers, I knew right then, that Baird was trying too hard to attach cost, which probably meant it was exaggerated. Imagine how pathetic, you flower up hardship to make yourself look relevant. Then again, he bloomed last week too with his sky is falling Kyoto misinformation campaign.

  • Nope.. last I looked, the Liberals also support the revised Bill C-30. I’ll take Bill C-30 over this – and I wont even call it “something”… It’s called a “lemon” that a used car salesman is trying to sell to who he hopes is a duped Canadian public.

    I predict they wont be.

  • lrC

    Something (Conservatives) is better than nothing (Liberals). The latter had their chance. Are you planning to vote NDP/Green?

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