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Green Party: Baird’s Plan is WEAKER then Rona’s original plan

Hat tip to Mark Francis of Section 15 for forwarding this along to me. The Green Party has released a statement that says Baird’s plan is actually weaker then what Rona Ambrose officially released in the original Clean Air Act a year ago.

The key part of the statement:

The new target announced by Mr. Baird is a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions against today’s levels by 2020. Thus Mr. Baird has set a course that will take Canada to 11% above our Kyoto target by 2020. We will be unable to reach our mandated Kyoto target until well into the 2020s. In contrast, the EU has adopted a target of 20% reductions below 1990 levels by 2020. The similarity of the numbers and the alarming variation of base year appear to be designed to confuse Canadians about the nature of the Harper-Baird plan. It is a plan for increased climate risk.

In fact, the changed base year makes Mr. Baird’s announced target even weaker than that announced by his predecessor, Rona Ambrose, last fall. She announced 45-65% reductions below 2003 levels by 2050. Mr. Baird has changed the base year to 2006, when emissions were higher.

This plan is all about the packaging folks.. trying to dupe Canadians into believing its actually reasonable. It must be exposed for the sham that it is.


7 comments to Green Party: Baird’s Plan is WEAKER then Rona’s original plan

  • Here’s a bit of timeline info that routine gets lost in the “13 years of inaction…” sloganeering —

    Canada was one of the first countries to sign the Kyoto Protocol, on April 29, 1998. Formal ratification came more than four years later – on Dec. 17, 2002.(CBC)

    Facts are important. Here’s a fact related to another controversy — Canada has captured an average of only 10 suspected Taliban per year while we’ve been in Afstan. When Dion briefly floated a suggestion that detainees be transferred to Canada, the howls of derision referred to the 40,000 POW’s we held here in WWII. We’re talkin’ about only 40 suspected Talibans. Not 40,000. I reckon we could free up 10 cells a year in Canajun jails fer these guys. Instead, the HarpoonTossers is fallin’ all over themselves with lies an’ displays of incompetence.


  • The Kyoto protocol was implemented in Canada in 1997, not 1993.

    Dion is now the Liberal leader who advocates the necessary cuts needed to bring us in line with Kyoto Protocol.. the past is the past.

    Harping about the Liberal reign is no excuse for delaying 14 more years before we MIGHT meet the target under Baird’s hot air plan.

    As I just have said now, its time to go to the people and let them decide.

  • Here’s a fact: This plan is still better than anything ever implemented by the dirty 13-year long Liberal government. Isn’t that right, Scott?

  • Facts have never stopped Aaron before from blathering on.. why expect any different from him now?

  • I blogged on this as well, and the May statement is the strongest one I could find on the plan.

    Aaron, everything in May’s statement is based on fact.

  • What would you expect from an opposition party? Or you?

  • knb

    I was going to ask how to do that, but that statement is pretty darned clear. This is worse than their first attempt. Imagine…no don’t. It’s just too damned taxing on our minds.

    You’re right Scott, exposure, exposure, exposure. This is the planet’s real estate we’re speaking of, location is not the issue.

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