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Conservatives officially abandon Kyoto in words, if not the actual deed

Remember that Globe and Mail poll yesterday? It showed by almost a 2-1 margin that Canadians polled said we should try to achieve our Kyoto commitments, instead of some made-in-Canada plan that falls far short.

Well.. that’s just what we have as of today. I don’t even have to “spin” it. The newspaper articles title says it all:

Kyoto commitments abandoned

That’s on both the Globe and the Star in one form or the other. You can’t get it much starker then that.

As for their farce of a plan, what exactly are its major highlights?

It relies on the intensity-based targets that allow industries to increase their greenhouse gas outputs as they increase production. Those types on controls have been repeatedly panned by environmental experts who have demanded absolute reductions. Under Mr. Baird’s strategy, Canada would not meet its targets under the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gas until 2025 — 13 years late.

Here’s an interesting part of the Baird plan: He claims companies CAN trade within the Kyoto Protocol agreement to get credits if they’re falling behind on reducing GHG. But, there seems to be a slight hitch Mr. Baird has overlooked:

the accord stipulates that countries that do not meet Kyoto targets cannot participate.

Of course, Baird and the Tories have decided the best way to initiate this sham of a plan is to do it through current environmental regulations. They know if they tried to put this to a vote in the House they’d get utterly defeated, so they’ll sidestep the will of Parliament – whose MP’s representing more then 2/3 of the constituents who voted for them re-wrote the Clean Air Act into what was really needed – and do it this way.

What I want to ask Minister Baird and his Conservative cohorts is this: If you say we can’t meet Kyoto, then why are you keeping us in the treaty? After all, if we fail to meet our targets by 2012, we get penalized 30% under the protocol’s terms, (which we are a signatory to) so why keep us in the Treaty to face those penalties if they’re impossible to meet? If you dont believe in Kyoto, show some mettle and withdraw from it, rather then be cowards and try to have it both ways so you dont incur the wrath of the Canadian electorate (which I predict you will anyhow).

Its a black day for Canada and its environmental reputation today.


19 comments to Conservatives officially abandon Kyoto in words, if not the actual deed

  • KnB, in sharp contrast, has read many works of meaning, but all of them include a little monkey and a man dressed in yellow.

  • knb

    wilson, you’re an idiot. You offer no clear debate and seem to exist only to offer defense, without ever looking at the consequences of your ludicrous comments.

    Sorry all, I’m sick of the wilson’s of the world. They are wrong, they are ignorant of facts and they, they alone my friends, hold up this immoral government.

    I’m tired of the wilsons. I can’t tell if they 18 or 80. I am sure that they have never read anything of meaning. I’m sure they read, but it is restricted only to what supports their ignorance.

    How can you flaunt ignorance? They are proud of it for goodness sake.

  • knb

    Steve, how do we put that out there? TT is likely more concerned about the Flick Off campaign, than the reality of wht is going on.

    Honestly TT, I used to respect Mr. Tory. All this faux outrage crap has rendered him useless. He’s a clever man, why not write him and ask him to rally around what is happening to the country? As it stands, in the province, you’re in the same bed as the NDP and as we look to the federal scene, that hasn’t worked out so well.

  • wilson61

    So, now the new and improved Clean Air Act (Dion says is a copy of his plan) needs to be costed out,
    and Canadians can choose which Green Plan they like the best!
    Buzz likes Baird’s plan, really likes it (a jacket & hug soon to be delivered).

    Will it be
    a. Kyoto now…2012;
    b. Kyoto (*plus air polution reduction by 50% in 2015) by 2025 ???

    hmmmmmm smog cut in half….
    Alberta oilsands hit the hardest…
    a plan now or take a chance on Dion actually doing something, this time….


  • TT

    Have you read it? Thought so. Actually Suzuki, when speaking of his recent tour, said that Canadians don’t grasp all the nuances of Kyoto, but they are committed to real sacrifice and believe we have an obligation. Canadians also know that the EXPERTS are in virtual agreement that we need deep reductions NOW, something the Tories can’t grasp.

    The more you read the details of this sham, the more offensive. We already know that oilsand development is slated to rise 3-4 fold in the next 10-15 years. The Tories give a 3 year pass for new development, which means industry will speed up expansion, then it will be intensity based, which means an absolute rise in emissions. Baird also failed to create an audit mechanism, which means we rely on industry to tell us the emission levels. Good grief.

  • I’d love it if that poll included a quiz. It would clearly show that by a 20 to 1 margin, Canadians have never read the Kyoto protocol.

  • [quote comment=”3657″]…and what’s the Liberal plan to meet Kyoto again? I’d like to have that magic wand myself.[/quote]

    What difference would it make if we told you or not.

    No matter what it is, as it was with any previous plans, the Cons will throw a hissy-fit against it and pronounce doom & gloom.

    I’m trying to imagine Harper & Baird supporting Baird’s announced ‘plan’ if it were initiated by, nevermind Dion, any non-Conservative government.

    Just as what happened when they were in opposition.

  • knb

    Mark, we wasted time so Harper could put together his war room and Election strategy.

    I don’t mean to be rude to anyone here, but for goodness sake, if we cannot give our heads a shake and understand that the current government is not about governing, it’s about winning a majority. That’s it, that’s all.

    That they continue to blame the Lib’s for delay, (and yes I’m a Lib and think we did too little), while they themselves have not only delayed, they’ve blatantly avoided dealing with anything throughout there reign, (I mean that word incidentally).

    Imagine, 66% of country disagrees with them, yet they are prepared to put this through?

    This I hope will be their ending chapter. If Canada does not wake up now, at this moment in time, I don’t know what it will take.

  • Why did we just spend all this time arguing in the House over a bill which is not even necessry? There’s nothing here that to Conservatives could not have announced a year ago.

    Note that this new plan’s long term goals are weaker than what Ambrose had proposed.

    From :

    The new target announced by Mr. Baird is a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions against today’s levels by 2020. Thus Mr. Baird has set a course that will take Canada to 11% above our Kyoto target by 2020. We will be unable to reach our mandated Kyoto target until well into the 2020s. In contrast, the EU has adopted a target of 20% reductions below 1990 levels by 2020. The similarity of the numbers and the alarming variation of base year appear to be designed to confuse Canadians about the nature of the Harper-Baird plan. It is a plan for increased climate risk.

    In fact, the changed base year makes Mr. Baird’s announced target even weaker than that announced by his predecessor, Rona Ambrose, last fall. She announced 45-65% reductions below 2003 levels by 2050. Mr. Baird has changed the base year to 2006, when emissions were higher.


  • “Its a black day for Canada and its environmental reputation today.”

    No one said it would be easy to clean up the 13-year-old Liberal mess on the environment.

  • Exactly.. Aaron seems to think the partisan points are here to be scored by the other opposition parties.. when all this is is a propaganda exercise on the Cons part to convince Canadians “they really care about the environment”. :em46:

  • knb

    ALWIt’s clear that the partisan points that are scored is what’s really important here…

    Exactly, that is what the con’s are counting on, period.

  • ALW

    Well then, you must be thrilled Scotty. Because it’ll mean a new Liberal government and we’ll meet Kyoto lickety split! I mean, if it’s a walk in the park to meet Kyoto, that’s probably why the preceding government did shit all for seven years right? Just so they’d have a challenge?

    Or not. But who cares? It’s clear that the partisan points that are scored is what’s really important here…

  • knb

    You know, when I read comments like Aaron’s, I realise how little people know what mechanisms are built in to Kyoto.

    Harper/Baird count on this of course.

    I hope we see more of Dion and May, McGuinty, Cullen, etc., putting it in simple terms so everyone can see wht a farce this is.

  • Hey Aaron: Check out the Clean Air and Climate Change Act, (formerly known as The Clean Air Act.. the one the Tories were made a laughingstock of) …the amended bill the opposition parties modified so it would meet Kyoto requirements… that the government now refuses to bring to the order paper because it actually might meet Kyoto commitments, and we wouldn’t want that :em51:

    Also check out the Pembina Insitute’s study and a myriad of others.. check out the Stern Report (former chief economist of the World Bank) about how Kyoto will not badly hurt economic prosperity as the fearmongers like Baird and yourself claim.

    This new plan I predict, will go over like a lead balloon… even worse then the original CAA.

  • The funny part, or sad as the case may be, Baird was so desperate to keep some Kyoto attachment, he kept mentioning that we could participate in Kyoto’s clean development initiative. The only problem, since we are not following Kyoto, we won’t be allowed in.

  • ALW

    …and what’s the Liberal plan to meet Kyoto again? I’d like to have that magic wand myself.

  • knb

    Scott:If you say we can’t meet Kyoto, then why are you keeping us in the treaty?

    I heard Elizabeth May speculate, that she is worried that the plan may be to let the 2008 date lapse, at which point, they’ll not renegotiate to participate in the Accord. That of course is dependant on the con’s being in government at that time.

    I don’t know if that is true, but it’s beyond disgusting if it is. This is not a game, yet once again we’re given a “toy” plan. How do these people sleep?

    Marta, I guess you’re saying something similar. If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be laughable. The same is true of the Afghanistan debacle.

    btw, marta, I checked out your website and enjoyed it. I wasn’t able to save it as a fav, because my computer was being silly. I’d love it if you could send it to my blog.

    Sorry Scott for veering off top.

  • Why..??
    Subconsciously … they know they won’t be around by that time.. /just like Bush / leaving a pile of mess is OK with them..

    I am a woman I Think with My Gut a lot of the times..
    By that time most of these people will be golfing south with good money in their pockets.. Suckers…

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