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A solar farm starts up in Ontario

I thought I’d mention this because this is going to happen not far from where I currently reside. A company from California is setting up a solar farm not far from Sarnia:

It will be the largest solar power station in North America and among the most expansive in the world to use photovoltaic cells that produce electricity when exposed to sunlight. Once complete, the 40-megawatt Sarnia project will be able to supply enough emission-free electricity to power between 10,000 and 15,000 homes on sunny days…If all goes according to schedule, the Sarnia solar farm will be fully functional in 2010 and will continue supplying clean electricity to the grid for the next 30 to 50 years.

Why are they coming here, you might ask? Because Ontario made it attractive for them to come here, that’s why:

Carrie said OptiSolar chose Ontario over its home base of California, because of the 42-cent offer, which isn’t available anywhere else in North America. Only European countries have taken such an approach, explaining why world solar leader Germany installed seven times more solar panels than the United States in 2006.

Now, it’s still only going to be able to contribute a minimal anount to the grid, but its a start, and I applaud the Ontario government for being far-sighted and innovative enough to entice this particular company to come here. Hopefully more of this (and for wind power) are in the works.


4 comments to A solar farm starts up in Ontario

  • Whooee! We’re gettin’ a solar farm in Norfolk, too. I seen somethin’ in teh paper a month or so ago where county council approved a proposal. As I recall, it involved 82 acres of land. GAB, I don’t know what type of land – maybe tobacco fields.

  • My only concern is are they putting this on brown fields, a dump or some other marginal land like they should or is it going on productive farm land?

  • Perhaps more operations like this could help to prove Environment Minister Baird’s economic doom and gloom scenario to be false, eh??

  • Bravo !! That is when I say Go and STEAL IDEAS….

    And there is No excuse for anything else!!!

    marta from Vancouver

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