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Conservative support plummets in new Decima Poll

At this rate, the new Conservative war-room they built is going to be mothballed for quite awhile, if poll results like Decima’s released today are any indication:

Support for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives appears to have taken a nose-dive. A new poll suggests the Tories have dropped to 30 per cent support and are in a statistical dead heat with the Liberals. The Conservatives had been polling near 40 per cent after their budget in late March.

Now, to be fair, the Liberals are themselves still stalled out at 29%, but these new Tory #’s are a far cry from the whisperings a month ago when everyone was predicting a Conservative majority government was only an election campaign away.

The NDP folks will be happy – they’re at 18% – a little higher then what they got election night in Jan 2006. The Greens won’t also mind this poll – they’re at 11%. The BQ – maybe not so much – they’re at 8%, but what that translates to in Quebec I don’t know.. because this preliminary report doesn’t give province breakdowns. I’ll look for those and post about them when they appear.


1 comment to Conservative support plummets in new Decima Poll

  • Deanna

    Much as I like to see improvement for the NDP and the Greens at the expense of the Conservatives and the Liberals, I just don’t put a lot of faith in Decima.

    More’s the pity.

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