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A leak or an attempted dupe? Looks bad on Baird either way

Real nice security Baird has in his Department – either someone isn’t too thrilled with the proposed environmental plan Baird’s going to be rolling out, or its an elaborate attempt to hoax the Liberals. It looks silly on the Tories whatever occurred:

The federal Liberals say a main section of the Conservatives’ environmental plan was faxed to their offices Tuesday, a potentially significant breach of security. The fax reportedly contained part of a speech scheduled to be given by Environment Minister John Baird on Thursday as the federal government unveils its emissions targets for heavy industry.

So far the Liberals haven’t released the plan to reporters. If it is the real Mcoy, it would be breaking confidentiality rules:

Liberal environment critic David McGuinty said he would not reveal the contents after receiving a warning that releasing the information would constitute a possible breach of securities laws. But McGuinty said others may have received the fax. He called on the government to release the contents of its plan before markets open on Thursday morning in case traders learn of the details and trade on the information.

The Tories are loudly proclaiming of course this is probably a fake… but I guess we’ll see when Baird give his speech. Funny thing is… TWO faxes were sent to the Liberals:

McGuinty said the speech was given to him after it arrived on the Opposition lobby fax machine around 4:30 p.m. ET. A page handed him the remarks while he was in the House of Commons. The speech, dated April 25, did not have any stamp indicating the contents were secret or confidential. A second fax was sent addressed “To whom it may concern,” warning that anyone who received the speech was in possession of confidential documents sent in error, and that releasing the information could constitute an offence under securities laws.

I wonder if these documents are the real deal who those documents were really meant to be faxed to, and more interestingly, what exactly is the Liberal Opposition Office fax # doing on redial at Ministry of the Environment HQ. I realize its possible they forgot to wipe out the memory buttons for quick redial on #’s (After all, this IS Canada’s New Government), so maybe they hit Memory Keypad 2 instead of 1.. or something, found out they made a mistake, and hastily sent out Document #2 warning whoever to not release the mistakenly sent documents. Very strange.

UPDATE: 12:11 AM – It was apparently a leak. The Tories have released the speech to the media – mostly generalities on what they want to do without spelling out how they want to do it. A “North American Carbon Market” is mentioned though.


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