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Reports advise Tories to woo the environmentally conscious – Tories apparently reject that advice.

I was reading the Star and saw the headline Tories to court the ‘Suzuki nation’, and as I read the article, I think the title the Star uses is a bit misleading, because from what I see, they have consultants telling them to go after the Suzuki Nation, but the government doesn’t appear it will. What is the “Suzuki Nation”? Glad you asked:

..making up one-fifth of the population, finds the negative state of the environment in conflict with their values, expresses high environmental concern and is motivated to take action. These are people who would be compelled to act even without offers of tax cuts and other economic incentives designed to change individual behaviour.

So, the consultants advised that the government go after this particular group with their green plans.. but so far, the Conservatives apparently don’t show much inclination to follow it:

The report by market researcher Phoenix Strategies suggests individuals can be pushed into environmental action with targeted communications. That seems to go against the thrust of the Tory green plan to be released this week. Government officials have suggested the plan will focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from corporate Canada rather than changing individual behaviour… The Conservative government has so far demonstrated little faith in the ability of individuals to make a lifestyle change and clean up the environment. Last spring, the Tories cut the popular One-Tonne Challenge a public awareness campaign led by comedian Rick Mercer.

So, this bunch, whose ideology contains within it the desire to place the decisions of today with individuals, won’t do anything to encourage said individuals to help do their part. A contradiction of the ideology, but typical with this “Conservative” government.


1 comment to Reports advise Tories to woo the environmentally conscious – Tories apparently reject that advice.

  • Whooee! Us treehuggers, evn if we make up 20% of the genpop like they’re sayin’, are likely already predisposed not to vote Con. Wooin’ us means winnin’ us over. It can’t happen without real, meaningful, decisive action. They know that and they know that such action would alienate the anti-Earthers who are their most loyal supporters. Mulroney even told ’em to smarten up on Mother Earth stuff but they ain’t listenin’ to him, neither.

    I’m gettin’ a little pissed off on PitBullBoy’s flip-floppin’ re the Clean Air Act. The thing that’s got me chewin’ nails an’ fartin’ tacks is the stallin’ an’ lack of action. They been screwin’ around with the CAA since last fall an’ now we’re hearin’ it’s dead… or maybe not.

    The anti-Earther Con’s done a smart thing. They said they’d go to committee an’ negotiate an amended CAA. They negotiated an’ negotiated an’ finally they ain’t happy with what they got so we got nuthin’ to show fer 6 months wasted time. Fer the anti-Earthers, wasted time an’ the status quo are victories. They won this round an’ as long as we keep lettin’ ’em stall an’ do nuthin’, they’ll keep on winnin’.


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