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The most unsurprising political announcement of the year

That award would go to John “the sky is falling” Baird for announcing to environmental groups that he is abandoning the government’s Clean Air Act, because of the opposition amendments making it a better bill.

Ok.. that’s snark on my part, but you know what’s even better? Baird saying this:

In Friday’s meeting, Baird reportedly described the rewritten legislation as a Liberal bill and said he would never bring it forward, said John Bennett of ClimateforChange.

I’m sure the NDP – who have been publicizing quite widely about the 11 amendments they added to toughen the bill – will be rather surprised to hear John Baird considers this “a Liberal Bill”. But, this just goes back to the pattern we’ve seen from the Tories this week of either complimenting the NDP, or in this instance, ignoring them altogether and going after the Liberals instead.

The fact of the matter is all 3 opposition parties put forth amendments to this bill… but Baird is choosing to ignore that for partisan purposes to go at Dion and the Liberals.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Knb in comments, Baird is now claiming the government has made no decision yet on what to do about the CAA, directly contradicting environmentalist groups who said that’s what Baird told them. Someone is telling a fib.


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