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Dr. Eric Hoskins wins the Liberal nomination for Haldimand-Norfolk.

If you’ve read here for awhile, you might have noticed that some attention has been paid to this riding’s Liberal nomination by a few of us. I grew up very near the “Norfolk” part of the Haldimand-Norfolk riding, so I’m very familiar with it.

So, along with Michelle, I’d also like to extend my congrats to Dr. Eric Hoskins for winning the Liberal nomination for the riding on Saturday evening. I was told that the riding had 70% turnout among its membership to vote from the riding president, and that is a fantastic number in a very big rural riding on what was a very nice day.

This will still be an uphill climb to win, as this riding (as have a lot of the rural Ontario ridings) has trended Conservative in the last two elections, but if you’re going to put anyone up against a Cabinet Minister (who in my view has been almost invisible at the Caledonia standoff), you have as good a shot as any with a doctor who has been awarded the United Nations Lester B. Pearson peace Medal and the Governor-General’s Meritorious Service Cross, (EDIT: as well as recently been awarded The Order of Canada) and is known for traveling to war zones to help those who most need it. He is also the president of War Child Canada.

Rural ridings like Haldimand-Norfolk are very proud when one of their own goes and becomes distinguished and successful, so that will be a plus to a lot of people’s eyes when they compare Finley and himself. Best of luck to you, Dr. Hoskins.

UPDATE: Zac informs us that Dr. Hoskins won by a single vote. Wow.


11 comments to Dr. Eric Hoskins wins the Liberal nomination for Haldimand-Norfolk.

  • Whooee! “the tobacco farmers and industries related to them have already been bought off”

    Not quite, Aaron. The tobacka farmers ain’t got the billion dollar buyout they’re lookin’ for. Chuck Strahl gave ’em the word to fergit about that figure an’ come in with somethin’ reasonable. They ain’t havin’ it. They want he billion bucks an’ Diane sez she’s workin’ to get it fer ’em. Hoskins sez he wants “fair” buyout. Diane did manage to steer a questionable tax credit to Simcoe Leaf, one of the local tobacka-related industries but as far as the farmers are concerned, she ain’t delivered.

    Our previous MP was Bob Speller. He sat for 16 years and was Minister of Agriculture in 2004 when he was defeated by Finley. Even havin’ the Ag Minister fer MP in a farm riding didn’t ensure Speller’s election. He tried again in 2006 and was beaten by a wider margin than in 2004.

    Ministers don’t spend as much time on constituency issues as non-ministers. Local voters can feel neglected and, indeed, when Bob Speller was in Washington meeting with Bush on the mad cow crisis, locals were bitchin’ that he was workin’ fer Alberta ranchers instead of Norfolk tobacka farmers.

    Finley’s takin’ a lotta justified heat fer her neglect of the riding — pertickerly vis-a-vis Caledonia. Hoskin’s main rival fer the nomination was a Caledonia resident who was stumpin’ on the single issue of the Native occupation at Douglas Creek. From what I hear-tell, the nomination vote was as close as it was because of anti-Indian Hewitt supporters signin’ up in large numbers.

    I’m predictin’ Hoskins’ll beat Finley whenever he gets a chance.


  • You’re missing the point, and it really isn’t necessary to get so bitchy. If this was a highly contested race (and it sounds like it was), then we would expect a large percentage of the membership to have signed up in order to support a candidate and to be very motivated to do so. Yet a third of the total membership didn’t bother. You’re right that turnout is somewhat suppressed in large rural ridings (although Haldimand-Norfolk isn’t that large, at least by Canadian standards or even Ontario standards), but the good weather should have facilitated turnout.

    Not that any of this matters, to be honest. It’s a rural riding, Finley is a cabinet minister, and the tobacco farmers and industries related to them have already been bought off.

  • knb

    Thanks Scott. 2 weeks to sign up that many, this is a good sign imo.

    The out of the country stuff, when it is done on behalf of Canada…sorry, faulting that will not fly.

    Thrilled I tell you, that is what I am.

  • ch2

    Actually was 5 votes on second count – still close was not a one vote win.

  • Only 70% turnout? What a disgusting number. I’m sure Aaron knows a few communist or dictatorships where the turnout is MUCH greater, or else… I’d gamble that most ridings are aiming for 60% turnout, certainly at our urban riding we hit 55% before the last election out of 1100 members. And we were pretty proud of those 600 voters. I’m guessing, having read the credentials of your candidate, that Finlay is going to have a real fight on her hands. Harpor will need to splurge on more than some token tobacco farmers to protect it from falling to the good guys.

  • Knb:

    He was running against Ken Hewitt, who Michelle has already excoriated in her blog-writings from some of the links I’ve already highlighted in the piece, and he was also running against a Cayuga lawyer named Victoria Young.

    As I said, he entered this race fairly late, and there were only 2 weeks or so that he had to sign up members before the cutoff, so that probably hobbled him. As well he probably had the charge thrown against him that he’d been “away” from the district too long (not in the sense of his travels.. but the fact his residence is in Toronto.. though he says if he wins the riding, he’ll move back to the area).

  • knb

    One vote? My, who the hell was he up against with those credentials?

    I’m thrilled that he won. I did not know that he had received all those awards, but I did know about some of his work with War Child Canada.

    I’m liking the calibre of people getting involved in the party.

    Scott, I know the region has trended conservative, but I’m not so sure that is holding. My SIL, lives there, (a former nurse and really involved in all things municipal), and is seeing some change. It remains to be seen and I’m not entirely convinced that Finley is running again.

    We shall see, but this is good news indeed.

  • Zac

    It was a nail bitter. Hoskins only won by a single vote.

    Nonetheless, I think has a good shot at winning the riding. He’s a great candidate.

  • Gee Aaron.. if you don’t think its a particularly high #, why don’t you call out the bright investigative team at ThePolitic and visit the riding to find out? If you knew the riding or the area (which I’m pretty sure you don’t), you’d see that 70% is very good , given the size of the riding and the circumstances of it being a gorgeous day. You could ask Diane Finley that, but she’s now only rumoured to be the sitting MP here… no one’s actually seen her in ages.

    As for the “good doctor” (said in sarcasm I am sure, but his credentials speak for themselves and he really is one of the “good guys”), he only joined the race a week or 2 before the time expired to sign up people and to be eligible to vote, so he did quite well, thanks very much.

  • “I was told that the riding had 70% turnout among its membership to vote from the riding president, and that is a fantastic number in a very big rural riding on what was a very nice day.”

    Considering that the membership of these associations is inflated by highly-motivated people joining up to support a nomination candidate, I don’t think that 70% of the total membership is particularly high. Did the long-term party membership sit the meeting out? If so, why did the good doktor fail to motivate them to get out and vote?

  • Whooee! Dang good news, sez I. I might even vote fer Hoskins if it looks like he needs my vote. I don’t figger he will. I had a call a while back from one o’ Hoskins boosters. They wanted me to join up with the Grits so’s I could help get the doc nominated. I told the good ol’ gal that I couldn’t join two parties an’ I’m already carryin’ a GPC membership card. I also told her that I figger Eric Hoskins can whip Diane Finley without my Green vote.

    By-the-by, Scotty, I posted up a boog story today full of advice fer beatin’ the CANTDU ConMen. My main advice is fer the anti-Harper bunch to stump on a positive message to counter the naysayin’ doom’n’gloomers an’ Prime Minister Pretty Boy an’ his psychic soothsayer.

    Haldimand-Norfolk Voter

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