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Happy Earth Day! (and Australia feels the effects of climate change)

Today of course is Earth Day, and on this day, I think this editorial cartoon found in today’s Star is more then appropriate.

This was also a real nice story today on what some folks were doing in the city to help celebrate Earth Day weekend, as they called it.

Also, I find it rather ironic (some would call it poetic justice, but I’m not that mean) that Australia – one of the nations that is led by a climate-change skeptic and is one of those nations that calls for only voluntary caps on Greenhouse Gas Emissions – is facing the worse drought in its history – attributed to changing weather patterns due to climate change and global warming according to scientists, by the way.

One would think Prime minister Howard would wake up and realize he needs to get on-board with Kyoto.. but it doesn’t appear to have sunk in to him yet. Australia needs a change of government to probably finally join the rest of the international community in realizing Climate change and global warming is real… and needs serious and real action to stop it, before its too late.


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