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Mackenzie King redux?

Ok.. so it isn’t actually Harper doing the seance trying to commune with dead people, but this story is getting weird when its progressed to the point of the Prime Minister’s Office denying Harper is also paying his image adviser for spiritual advice:

Neither Harper nor anyone on his staff pays for any kind of psychic services, a spokeswoman said Friday amid reports that stylist Michelle Muntean has a clairvoyant gift…..Whether Harper gets an occasional free nugget of spiritual advice while sitting in Muntean’s makeup chair is unknown. Sources have said that she is the only person that he tolerates image advice from. Other politicians have been interested in such endeavours. U.S. President Richard Nixon consulted an astrologer, as did first lady Nancy Reagan. Prime Minister Mackenzie King believed he spoke to his dead mother and dog, and received spiritual advice.

Obviously, Stevie has the best psychic.. er.. image adviser public taxpayer money can buy. I’m glad to see she can multi task and do multiple functions.


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