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NDP grab former Quebec environment minister to run for them

This is a bit of a coup for the NDP, a party that needs some good publicity (ANY publicity):

Jack Layton (will announce today) that former Quebec environment minister Thomas Mulcair has agreed to run as (the NDP’s) star candidate in the province.

What amuses me most is this part:

Mulcair had been actively courted behind the scenes by both the NDP and the Conservatives…sources close to him said…the Tories were interested in the ex-minister because they believed he could help improve their image on the environment, but he turned them down once he realized they were more interested in having him toe their line than in adopting his positions…

That ought to be a slap in the face for Harper. As for the NDP, good on them. I dont mind another federalist party gaining prominence in Quebec… The BQ is basically a left-wing party once you strip away their sovereignty issue.. so if a few more votes leaks to the NDP from the BQ over this… that doesnt bother me a bit.


6 comments to NDP grab former Quebec environment minister to run for them

  • “The BQ is basically a left-wing party”.

    Call me old fashioned. I don’t belive that ethnocentrism is progressive or “left wing”.

  • I think it’s interesting that both the Cons and the NDP courted him…. I wonder if that means that he kept his cards close to his chest when he was a Liberal (i.e. he never indicated just what he left/right views are). I’m cheering, but I hope he’ll be loyal enough to respect the grassroots Dippers. (We don’t need any more dilettantes like Paul Summerville, IMHO.)

  • janfromthebruce

    Thanks Scott, it’s a decent post and I hope that the NDP does well here.

  • It’s b/c Mulcair doesn’t particularly like Dion, like most federalists in Quebec these days.

  • Anything that steals BQ votes is good. You’ve got wonder why the Liberals avoided the guy, though…

  • JF

    Hehe, hey, maybe we could even start cooperating to take out the Bloc?

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