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Baird and Tories: The Sky is Falling!!

Chicken Little!

I expect to see a chart similar to this one in use by Baird very shortly. His tale of doom and gloom would fit into the “Code Red” category according to Chicken Little.

This should tell you how Baird’s tale of Canadian economic Armegeddon is playing so far. Look at the title and theme of the Canadian Press story: Critics Mock Ottawa’s Apocalyptic Scenario of Kyoto Compliance. Let’s read some of the humourous details of Baird’s attempts to fear-monger Canadians (or as Steve calls it, The Apocalypse Mirage🙂

Environment Minister John Baird has gone on the offensive against advocates of the Kyoto Protocol, presenting a federal study which suggests the treaty’s emissions-cutting targets could be met only at a massive economic cost. But opposition critics and environmentalists say the study is flawed because it excludes the benefits of cutting emissions, such as avoiding dangerous climate change and creating new jobs in green technology…(NDP MP) Dewar quoted Sir Nicholas Stern, former chief economist of the World Bank, whose study in October estimated it would take two per cent of gross domestic product in advanced countries to reduce emissions to an acceptable level. Dewar said he believes Canadians would accept such a cost.

I think even the Conservatives are a bit sheepish they’ve had to resort to this type of scare tactics:

The government analysis itself admits that the costs would be much lower with different assumptions. A section titled “alternate scenarios” says unrestricted access to international emissions credits would cut the cost to about $25 a tonne, rather than $195 a tonne. The study assumes that Canada can get only 25 per cent of its reductions through international credits, even though the Kyoto treaty imposes no such restriction. Stewart Elgie, a professor at the University of Ottawa who focuses on carbon markets, says that single assumption inflates the cost of compliance by 700 per cent. He also criticized the study for ignoring the benefits of curbing emissions. “It only looks at the cost of meeting Kyoto and ignores the benefits of avoiding dangerous climate change, and it will have huge benefits in Canada.”

This is just Baird trying to make a slightly more sane rationale of how Kyoto will destroy Canada as we know it over their attempts in February of painting not only economic doom, but societal gloom. Everyone remember that? No? Well, here is the link to refresh your memory:

Opposition MPs and environmentalists are baffled and outraged by warnings from a Conservatives MP that aggressive action to fight climate change and air pollution could lead to an increase in domestic violence and suicides.

Don’t sign Kyoto! Society will fray at the edges! Cats will be friends with dogs! Riots in the streets! 🙄

This government has no intention of trying to meet Kyoto targets. The fact they are wanting to join a 6 nation coalition (not coincidentally which includes all the major GHG polluters in the world) who say there should only be voluntary emission steps taken should prove that to anyone. People are right to mock this Baird-Harper-Conservative doomsday scenario, and I predict Canadians won’t fall for this nonsense.

(And of course, I am SURE Bob Fife of CTV News, who seems to be the Tory mouthpiece on there, will be sure to tell all the CTV viewers that the government’s own estimates are using models in dispute – independent economic experts or not…. yea, I don’t think I’ll hold my breath on that one – though maybe Bob will surprise me.)


5 comments to Baird and Tories: The Sky is Falling!!

  • inamedmysonkyoto

    Here’s a copy of my letter that I sent Mr. Baird on the weekend. I highly recommend expressing your concerns to him. He needs to get an idea of how much opposition he has out there. The Conservatives will turn into the Green Party if they think it will get them a majority. Then, of course, they’ll screw us all.

    Dear Mr Baird,

    I’m sure your recent report on the Kyoto Protocol has resulted in a ton of e-mails. I would like to add a few points of my own. I hope you take the time to read them.

    1) First I want to let you know that I do appreciate the “green” initiatives that you have supported to date and are in the process of formulating. My fear is that neo-conservatives within your party are preventing more from being done. I have relatives whose politics are to the right so I understand that the party line can be simplified by two statements: a) There is still doubt as to wether or not humans are causing climate change. b) Why should we damage our economy to fight climate change when countries like China will contribute far more to climate change than Canada ever will? (and yes this does contradict the first statement) I acknowledge that you are committed to taking action to reduce greenhouse gas in Canada but I believe there are forces in the Conservative Party working to temper your actions. Your recent publicity stunt surely confirms my suspicion.

    2) On the coming recession… fear of an economic downturn resulting from efforts to meet the Kyoto Protocol is a great weapon for swaying public opinion. I grant you the the oil and gas industry in Canada will undoubtedly be slowed down by any measures like carbon taxes. I argue that this is just what the industry needs as soon as possible. An over heated Alberta economy is having social and economic impacts due to the loss of affordable housing and run away inflation in boom towns like Calgary. I believe that a controlled slowdown would be far more advantageous than the crash that was witnessed in the 70’s. Unfortunately, we may already be too late as there are recent headlines predicting a crash in oil markets this year. Given the uncontrolled deficit and unimaginable debt in the United States right now I believe we are all headed towards recession anyway. If the government could sell recession as a good thing (we are all making an economic sacrifice for future generations) then at least we could feel good about ourselves when the inevitable recession happens.

    3) On the Kyoto Protocol… Canada made a commitment along with many other nations to make the Kyoto Protocol a success. It is about working together as a global community to achieve a difficult goal. I grant you that there are flaws but if the nations that signed Kyoto committed to its success then the flaws would be worked out and the groundwork would be set for future action against climate change. If every nation turns their back on their commitment and attempts to implement a plan that best suits their political needs then we will never have a coordinated global effort. Our children will suffer the consequences of this selfishness. Cooperation and teamwork is the key to success in any organization – that’s why they call it an organization. If every nation does what they please this is what I would call a disorganized effort and is surely doomed to fail. I’m sorry that the Kyoto Protocol isn’t perfect for everyone but it is all we have right now. It’s failure will make it very difficult to try again with a coordinated global effort.

    4) On society… scientists have been warning us with ever growing alarm that our current society based on ever increasing consumption is unsustainable. We all need to start changing and for this to happen our expectations must be tempered. We cannot continue to want more and more and more. There are too many people on the planet for that to work. We must learn to happily accept less, share more, and behave in a manner that leaves some resources for future generations. The government must participate in getting this word out. The government must lead the charge through programs, initiatives, and education. I believe we are at a turning point and there are many people out there that will support a fundamental change in they way our society thinks. There will also be significant resistance and struggle but the long term result will be very positive. This fundamental change may result in some hard times and adjustment but at least it will be our choice. If we continue on our current path the end result will be the same or worse and it will be forced upon us in a way that often results in fear, stress, despair, suffering, and even growing violence. Ask me to sacrifice with a strong supporting reason and I will probably go along for the ride. Force me to sacrifice and I’m likely to tell you to go to hell. Lets not go there.

    To those on my cc: list. If you agree with my sentiment and would like to see the Government of Canada make sacrifices to fulfill their commitment to the Kyoto Protocol please take a moment to compose your own e-mail to Mr. Baird. It is important for your opinions to be heard.

  • “Bob Fife presented only the Conservative viewpoint to the nation last night,”

    That ain’t any surprise. Fife’s a big Harper cheerleader. CTV oughta be embarrassed by the way he spouts party rhetoric. He an’ Craig Oliver are all doom-n-gloom on Kyoto an’ jobs, jobs, jobs. Duffy ain’t much better.


  • Archer

    Hey Scott

    I followed your link over from The Next Agenda and I definitely appreciate your analysis.
    Where are the cutting edge conservative/capitalist business men and women who, if they had any vision at all, would see the “sustainable enviroment” as an opportunity?

    Not in the CPC, that seems certain.

    The Elgie reference to a 700 per cent increase in compliance cost based on the assumed access to international emissions credits shows what this Conservative position actually is: Fiction designed to incite fear and protect those in the wealthy part of the status quo.

    If this is leadership, it’s the ass backwards kind.

  • Bob Fife presented only the Conservative viewpoint to the nation last night, on national news. Despite the fact that, in its web story on the Baird scare tactics, cited organizations that disagreed with the numbers.

    It speaks for itself.

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