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A followup to the Jane Taber online chat about the Dion/May pact.

Well, Jane didn’t call Dion a lunatic or anything, so I have to consider it a smashing success.

Seriously, Ms. Taber actually treated the topic very evenhandedly, much better then I would have thought. Read for yourself here. (The chat and questions from readers to her start at the bottom of page 1 and finish at page 3).


2 comments to A followup to the Jane Taber online chat about the Dion/May pact.

  • I note that Jane’s answer to her was that in fact Dion and the Liberals will meet their 33% goal.

  • 100%Liberal

    It’s nice to know Shoshana is back in force after a brief honeymoon with Dion.

    Is she living in Montreal? I thought she was an Ontario resident?

    Shoshana Berman, Montreal: Jane, I’m not so much shocked as disappointed. Mr. Dion seems to be spending more time getting other women elected than the women in his own party. Thank you for highlighting that on the weekend in your column . . . My question to you is: Can you find out how many female candidates have been nominated [as Liberal candidates] because I can’t — even when I ask Mr. Dion’s office. I think they are below the last election’s totals, not above. They are now trying to fill unwanted rural ridings that can’t be won with women . . . I personally hope those women do not let themselves be used in this manner. What are your thoughts on this process and its absolute failure to ensure more female candidates?

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