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Stephane Dion not a leader, eh?

The Liberals have released a TV Ad to counter the “Stephane Dion is not a leader” meme that the Tories have been throwing out there. And in my mind, they’ve picked a perfect way to counter it… showing how Dion forged a consensus among the world to get an agreement at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change at Montreal in December 2005.

You can see the ad at the newly redesigned Liberal Party website, but here is the same ad courtesy of Youtube:

It’s real nice to see some stuff coming out from the Liberals in the advertising department, particularly with better poll #’s showing up, the reports of the Tories mothballing their fear factory.. er.. war-room.. and Harper looking rather sour and off his game yesterday in the House. Its a good time to throw ads out there I think for the public to digest.

EDIT: I should also note that the Liberals have released 6 new radio ads (3 each in English and French). They can be found below the TV ad here.


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