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Guns don’t kill people.. bullets do…

I’m not particularly a fan of Chris Rock, but the little ditty that he did which I saw posted earlier does indeed have a ring of logic to it.

Gun collectors still want to collect guns? No problem. Just make the ammo for them exorbitantly expensive. They’re collecting the guns after all, not the bullets to go with them, right? What about the hunters? Well, I’m sure we can make a provision for them, provided the ammo is securely locked away somewhere – perhaps not even at their homes.

Of course, a move to make ammo prohibitively expensive like that would mean you’d almost have to turn a gun shop into an armed fortress, (not that a lot of them aren’t like that already) to make sure no one tried to get inside and rob the place of its bullets, but it is a fact if you starve the bullets, the guns on the street eventually will become ineffective as the supply runs out. Maybe Chris Rock is onto something here.

(H/T to Michelle)


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