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Lowering expectations with leaks

You know, I could do a blogpost this AM expressing my disbelief and outrage that the Conservatives draft for their revised and soon to released Green plan is actually weaker then the original Clean Air Act that they presented last fall, but I’m not going to.

Why? As others have expressed, I simply can’t believe that this is what they’re going with. I believe all these leaks (from a usually very good group at controlling information) are designed to lower expectations amongst the public and raise the outrage levels of the environmental groups and the opposition parties. Then, when they release something that is slightly tougher then what has been leaked, they can try to generate “pleasant surprise” amongst the public – even when the plan will still be inferior to the opposition-amended Clean Air (and Climate Change) Act.

That being said, I’d advise the Liberal brain trust to speed up the nomination meetings, because if that is really the plan they’re going with, and if they plan to make this into a non-confidence motion, I’m more then willing to accommodate them and bring the government down over this.


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