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A happy ending story

With the horror of yesterday, I saw this tonight and thought it was a good-news story to hilight:

Win Lindsay, 89, was crossing railway tracks on Waverley Street in Winnipeg just before 1 p.m. CT Tuesday when she got stuck…Then the worst-case scenario began to unfold…”I could see a train light in the distance, and then the barriers came down, and then the train came upon me, honking, and I could not move,” she said. Fortunately a transit bus stopped nearby, and several passengers saw her and ran to help..At the last minute, a woman grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to safety. Someone else pulled the scooter off.

Those people are as much heroes as this brave man highlighted at Michelle’s site is. And the woman’s thank you message got me chills:

She vowed to make the rest of her life as worthwhile as anyone could. “My message is thank you to all the people who helped,” she said. “They can live forever knowing they saved a human life.”

As I said, I wanted to highlight this because there ARE good-news stories out there.


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