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Shocker (not): Harper/Tories ignores the 25th Anniversary of the Charter.

Colour me completely unsurprised at the fact that the Conservative government has decided to remain completely silent on the 25th Anniversary of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and refuses to commemorate it. Former PM Jean Chretien (who was Justice Minister for Pierre Trudeau at the time of it officially coming into force) was dismayed:

“We’re celebrating the 25th anniversary this week and they don’t want to have anything to do about it. It’s just kind of shocking,” the former prime minister told CBC News…He will be speaking at a conference at the University of Ottawa to mark the anniversary. Jack Jedwab, one of the conference organizers, told CanWest News last week that Harper, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, Heritage Minister Bev Oda and former justice minister Vic Toews were also invited to address the April 16-17 event, but they declined.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why not, but CBC points it out anyhow:

Harper and critics have complained in the past that judges have used the charter to undermine the powers of Parliament. Harper was barely a month into office when he suggested judges should show greater deference to Parliament and “apply the law, not make it.”

Chretien, by the way, is still able to get off some good zingers:

“I hope they will not put the flag at half-mast [Tuesday] because it will be the anniversary.”

It wouldn’t shock me. Maybe someone should stand up in Question Period tomorrow and ask the Tories why they’re so embarrassed about the Charter. Remember what I pointed out earlier, the Charter is the document most Canadians polled say is the most important document to define Canada – even more so then the 1867 BNA Act, and the Harper Government is trying to pretend nothing is happening tomorrow – worse, refusing to even acknowledge its existence.


2 comments to Shocker (not): Harper/Tories ignores the 25th Anniversary of the Charter.

  • another sign that canadian conservatism is dead. tory’s used to stand for individual freedom a la dief bill of rights, now they stand for militarism, corporatism, the elite, rednecks and so-cons.

  • Gayle

    The liberals did something that most Canadians like – therefore the conservatives must hide their heads in the sand and pretend it never happened.

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