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Marva comes up a bit short

Hi folks:

I’ve just gotten word that unfortunately, Marva came up a bit short in her campaign to represent Guelph for the Liberals. I’d love to give you voting results or turnout, but I’m being told by David Graham those aren’t available and probably neither will be released. I find that a tad odd that we wouldnt know what the exact margin of victory was, but I’ve not been in the Liberal Party that long to know if its standard procedure not to release vote results for a nomination meeting election

Regardless, I’m sure Marva will have her say in the next little bit about what occurred, but I’d like to say thanks to everyone on Marva’s team for being so supportive of Marva, and I will say on a personal note I was proud to support her, and am proud of her now, even if we didn’t get the result we wanted.

I will also extend my personal congratulations to Frank Valeriote, the official winner (and Steve V’s relative – he of Far and Wide). His family is an established name in the Guelph area with deep ties, and I am confident he will hold the Guelph-Wellington riding for the Liberals in the next election, whenever that might be.


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