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Poll: If Ezra Levant were taken hostage by the Iranians, he would…

This is the title of the poll at the end of a hilarious/sarcastic/angry article on Ezra Levant by Prole over at The Next Agenda, which is uh, inspired (if that term can be used in this instance) by my article on Ezra from yesterday, who was upset the Brits got their naval personnel released through good old fashioned negotiation and diplomacy, rather then use it as an excuse to start dropping bombs on Tehran.

A taste of the article:

It’s quite easy to sit in a far-away place, on your laptop with a glass of something nice, and cheer lead a nation into war. To send enlisted men and women to kill other human beings, and to be killed themselves, or lose their limbs, or perhaps come home haunted for the rest of their days. Easy when it’s not the guy sitting next to you getting his guts blown out of him. Easy when you’re not the one being fitted for an artificial limb (or two), or whose young children don’t recognize you anymore. It’s quite another to lace up your boots, grab your gun, and put your money where your mouth is, Chickenhawk Levant. Let’s talk about how much you like war after you’ve signed up and are on your way to Basic Training.

I voted for the 2nd last choice in the poll, by the way. (Note: you need to login to be able to vote in the poll, but its not a big hassle to create a username and a password).


2 comments to Poll: If Ezra Levant were taken hostage by the Iranians, he would…

  • Aw shucks, I’m honoured! Thanks, Scott. I’m glad you enjoyed the diary. I was inspired by the sheer magnitude of Levant’s douchebaggery.

  • Right wing politics works well for nasty people who have a tendency to simply knee jerk and react to situations before their brain slips into gear. Ezra is proof of this.

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