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Kudos of the week: Andrew Coyne for supporting electoral reform in Ontario.

If you need any more proof that Andrew Coyne isn’t your run-of-the-mill pundit who blindly adheres to the status quo, please read this column of his here, where he comes out in support of the Citizen’s Assembly for reforming Ontario’s First-Past-The-Post electoral system to a form of Proportional Representation. (H/T to Accidental Deliberations for making me aware of the column).

I’m not exactly crazy about the form of Mixed-Member PR the Citizens Assembly has come up with either… nor is Greg Morrow of who’s been a leading advocate of Mixed-Member PR (and submitted his own model of MM-PR to the Citizens Assembly for their consideration), but I agree with Andrew (and I think if Greg comments here, he’ll agree as well) that any format is better then the FPTP format we use now. Even some Blogging Tories who normally are opposed to this sort of electoral reform seem willing to look at it now.

And, I also give a hat-tip to Sinister Greg for pointing out the irony that a “conservative” pundit from the National Post supports electoral reform for Ontario, while a “liberal” columnist from the Star opposes it. (You can figure out who that would be quite easily by reading some of Greg’s earlier columns on the matter.)

UPDATE: mushroom weighs in here, while Idealistic Pragmatist also weighs in here.


2 comments to Kudos of the week: Andrew Coyne for supporting electoral reform in Ontario.

  • Craig Hubley

    The referendum would fail because this proposal has so little support. It should not occur at all, since it’s a waste of money and the process did not follow Fair Vote Ontario’s guidelines. If it occurs and fails there’ll be no electoral reform for a decade.

    Failure to present more than one alternative, including one that didn’t give the seats over to the parties to distribute (that will not go over well), is a particularly odious failure.

    There’s still time to stop this from happening until May 15, after which point, electoral reform will be dead in Ontario, and probably federally too, for some time.

  • mushroom

    Thanks for the plug. It is when I post on PR that I get that 🙂

    Coyne is a libertarian. He supports aspects of the Reform-Canadian Alliance-CPC experiment, but wants to disassociate himself from the social conservatives at every opportunity. PR does that for him.

    Many Liberals I talk to will not support any deviation from FPTP. They want to win majority governments and have maintained the stability of majority governments to do things. Thus, the campaign in Ontario will be difficult.

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